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Fund for Innovative Clinical Practices

The Fund for Innovative Clinical Practices (FFICP) will allow Community Hospital to explore health system designs that look beyond conventional thinking to develop solutions at the cutting edge of healthcare delivery.


Patient CareCommunity Hospital has made an institutional commitment to employ financial discipline, efficient resource utilization, and cost control.  The FFICP will allow the hospital to investigate and develop innovative programs aimed at measurably improving outcomes for clinical care and hospital operations, without affecting the hospital's balance sheet.  

The Fund will provide for the testing of new protocols and methodologies the hospital can then employ on a broader scale. 

Medical staff and employees will submit projects based on specific criteria for review by medical staff leaders and administration.  Grants levels will vary depending on the scale, necessity, and viability of the project.  Recipients will provide reports on all aspects of the grant. 

Potential Funding Proposals

Developments in community wellness:  For projects such as the wellness center, the FFICP will cover the cost associated with research and analysis as to the feasibility and effectiveness of the program.

Innovative quality healthcare: Peninsula Primary Care will study and plan for the development and enhancement of services including diabetes care and prevention or a geriatrics program. The FFICP will fund collaborative program development activities, site visits by staff, or pilot programs in these critical areas.

Promoting communication of patient information: The FFICP will fund an interagency strategic planning collaborative, bringing key constituents throughout the county together to develop regional clinical information exchange.

Promoting leadership in patient safety:  The hospital is positioned to take a leadership role nationally in development of human factors engineering concepts in design of computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems.  The fund will provide training for key CPOE staff to study with human factors engineers in other disciplines with the goal of adapting their practices and theories.  


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