Get acquainted with the experienced local leaders guiding the healthcare operations of Montage Health in Monterey, California. Our board members have backgrounds in many industries to ensure the long-term success of Montage Health.

Board of Trustees

  • Kathy Bang
    Kathy Bang, Chair

  • Patrick Burke
    Patrick Burke

  • Diana Busman
    Diana Busman

  • Randy Charles
    Randall Charles

  • Mimi Hahn
    Mimi Hahn

  • Gene Hill
    Gene Hill

  • Guru Khalsa, MD
    Guru Khalsa, MD

  • Stan McKee
    Stan McKee,
    Vice Chair

  • John O'Brien
    John O'Brien

  • Steven Packer, MD
    Steven Packer, MD,

  • Carrie Panetta
    Judge Carrie Panetta

  • Leslie Snorf
    Leslie Snorf

  • Bill Warner
    Bill Warner, Secretary
  • Sharon Wesley
    Sharon Wesley, MD
  • Phil Wilhelm
    Phil Wilhelm
  • William Young
    William Young

Montage Health Executive Team

  • Steven Packer, MD, President/CEO

    Steven Packer, MD,

  • Steven X. Cabrales, MD

    Steven X. Cabrales, MD,
    Vice President, Chief Medical Officer

  • Mark Carvalho, MD

    Mark Carvalho, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Montage Medical Group

  • Kevin Causey

    Kevin Causey, Vice President/Chief Development Officer

  • Paul Conocenti

    Paul Conocenti, Vice President/Chief Information Officer

  • Scott Kelly

    Scott Kelly, Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, Aspire Health - Health Plan Division

  • Liz Lorenzi

    Liz Lorenzi, Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, Aspire Health - Population Health Division

  • Matt Morgan

    Matt Morgan, Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

  • Tim Nylen

    Tim Nylen, Vice President/Chief of Compliance

  • Cynthia Peck

    Cynthia L. Peck, Vice President

  • Debbie Sober

    Debbie Sober, RN, MSN, Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer

  • Laura Zehm

    Laura Zehm, Senior Vice President/Chief Administrative Officer

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