Mission and vision

At Montage Health, we want to make a positive impact on the health and lives of the people in our community. We do this by providing the best possible care and fulfilling the mission and vision of our organization.


We believe our community’s greatest resource is the health of its people. Our family of organizations is dedicated to pursuing optimal health for all people in Monterey County, from birth to end of life.

We believe optimal health achievement requires proactive partnering with physicians and other clinicians, healthcare and community organizations, and, most importantly, each person we serve. Achieving this goal requires our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional value-based care that is:

  • Preventive (building and retaining health),
  • Restorative (facilitating recovery from illness or injury), and
  • Palliative (maximizing well-being when recovery is not possible)

We are dedicated to coordinating care across all settings to meet each person’s own goals and needs.

We believe optimal health on an individual level is possible only when a patient actively participates in their healthcare. We inspire that participation through personalized information, education, and support, provided by a coordinated and compassionate team.


Our vision is to improve lives by delivering exceptional care and inspiring the pursuit of optimal health.

Guiding principles

Explore the values guiding our everyday actions at Montage Health:

  1. Patients come first. Their satisfaction with our services is the best measure of our success. In every decision, we seek to meet their needs above all others.
  2. Our employees, medical staff, and volunteers are our most important organizational resources. We recognize and develop each person's contribution to the organization. We value the diversity of the many experiences, cultures, and abilities that make up the hospital family and our community.
  3. Broad community participation in our programs is essential. We cultivate thoughtful and active governance, dedicated volunteers, program planning and assessment involvement, and enlightened philanthropy.
  4. An atmosphere of support and openness encourages innovation. We promote the free exchange of ideas at all levels of our organization.
  5. Quality can be continually improved in an atmosphere of support and openness. We strive to improve service quality by assessing and improving those governance, managerial, clinical, and support processes that most affect patient outcomes. We promote the free exchange of ideas and interdisciplinary communication as critical means to this end. We reward full participation in the improvement of our organizational performance.
  6. Quality care must be affordable. Through the prudent application of resources, we deliver excellent programs and services that represent a good value for our healthcare consumers.
  7. Do the right thing. Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is a cornerstone of our duty to ourselves, our patients, and those we work with.
  8. Be a significant, positive force in our community. We provide quality services to improve our community's health and the competence of those who provide healthcare services; we become personally involved in community affairs.
  9. Caring is as important to quality healthcare as technology. We empower patients and their families to participate in their healthcare by being sensitive to their experiences, privacy, and dignity.
  10. Design facilities and policies to enhance the healing process. Both should be periodically expanded and updated to meet the growing needs of the community.
  11. We are committed to preserving and enhancing the environment. Our purchasing, operational, and disposal practices must contribute to our beautiful region's long-term health and viability.
  12. Provide financial resources sufficient to meet the present and future healthcare needs of our community.
  13. Responsibility and honesty are essential. We require the highest standards of ethical behavior, not only of ourselves but also of our colleagues.

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