Quality programs and initiatives

Explore the ways Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula and Montage Health work to provide safe, high-quality care that leads to better patient outcomes.

Daily safety huddles

Led by a hospital executive, healthcare department staff meet for 10 to 15 minutes each weekday morning to discuss topics such as:

  • Employee safety
  • Infection prevention
  • Number of patients in critical departments that day
  • Recent and anticipated safety concerns
  • Safety tips
  • Unexpected code blues (emergencies) or patient injuries

All employees and medical staff can join the huddles.

Good Catch Campaign

We reward employees who report how they helped prevent a medical error, improve hospital procedures, or keep patients safe. Nurses, technicians, respiratory therapists, and other professionals have earned a spotlight for identifying patients in need and helping them get timely, lifesaving care.

Hand hygiene

Clean hands are the first defense against the spread of germs. When your care team or loved ones come to your hospital room, ask if they’ve washed their hands. We also watch hospital staff to make sure they clean their hands well and regularly throughout their shifts.

More value, less waste

You benefit from more efficient hospital care and shorter Emergency department wait times because of our lean transformation. All departments have taken on improvement projects to:

  • Identify what is and isn’t needed
  • Keep a clean, safe environment
  • Organize the workplace to make it easier to provide efficient services

Pain medication safety

Opioid overdose deaths have plummeted in Monterey County since the launch of Prescribe Safe, a community partnership with government and nonprofit organizations.

Patient/Family Advisory Committee (PFAC)

Your care reflects feedback we’ve heard from people like you in Community Hospital’s Patient/Family Advisory Committee. This group meets with hospital staff each month to talk about ways to enhance the patient experience.

Quiet at Night Program

Rest supports recovery, so Community Hospital has taken these steps to help you sleep better during an overnight hospital stay:

  • Providing comfort kits with everyday items to make your time here more relaxing and convenient
  • Using quieter carts to deliver medical supplies to patient rooms
  • Placing signs reminding staff and visitors of quiet areas
  • Telling you what to expect during the evenings and early mornings, which include tests to check on your health

Sharing health information

Expect seamless, coordinated care because all of your Montage Health providers can easily see and share your medical records. That’s thanks to our use of Epic’s One Virtual System Worldwide, a tool that integrates all health information in a single place.

Share your feedback

Contact us online to leave a comment or suggestion.

To report a concern about patient care or safety, call Community Hospital administration at (831) 625-4500. If you can’t resolve your concerns through us, you may visit the Joint Commission’s Office of Quality Monitoring to report a patient safety concern.