Gym etiquette and cleanliness

Help us create a great experience for everyone at Montage Wellness Center. Follow these guidelines every time you visit one of our fitness facilities.

Gym etiquette

Show respect for your fellow gym-goers by following these guidelines:

  • Avoid wearing strong fragrances
  • Be mindful of the dress code. Wear closed-toed shoes in the fitness area. Do not wear jeans
  • Be on time to group classes
  • Bring water or sports drinks in closed containers, if desired. Leave other food and beverages at home or in your car
  • Do not take pictures or talk on your mobile phone in the fitness area or locker room
  • Return weights to the rack after use
  • Share weight machines with others between sets
  • Shower before getting in the pool
  • Swim laps in the lap pool only. Share lanes
  • Use headphones when listening to music
  • Use the wheelchair -accessible showers only if you have a disability

Cleanliness guidelines

Keep the facility enjoyable for all members. Clean up after yourself and be mindful of others.

  • Wipe down exercise mats and equipment after use
  • Inspect showers and sinks after use. Remove personal care items and wipe away any fallen hair
  • Throw trash in the trash containers
  • Put bags in lockers (not the fitness floor)
  • Individuals with bandages are not allow in the pools
  • Tell staff about cleanliness issues that need attention

Member rules and regulations

Refer to your member handbook for all member rules and regulations. If you need a copy of the handbook, email us or stop by the front desk.

Contact us

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