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Access medical and wellness services to reach your best health. Choose the care option that fits your needs and preferences.

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Primary Care

Primary Care

Build a long-term partnership with a primary care provider, your first point-of-contact for day-to-day health needs and help to navigate the health system.

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Urgent Care

Urgent Care

Find fast, same-day attention for minor illnesses and injuries.

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Emergency Care

Emergency Care

Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room if you have a life-threatening concern.

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Specialty Care

Specialty Care

Search our services directory to learn more about the wide range of medical and wellness services available at Montage Health.

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Virtual Visit

Virtual Visit

Access 24/7 expert care from the comfort of home.

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Fitness and Wellness

Fitness and Wellness

Reach your fitness and wellness goals in a beautiful, well-equipped setting designed with your needs in mind.

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Services (A-Z)

  • Bariatric Surgery

    Change your life for the better with bariatric (weight-loss) surgery at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. Learn more about surgical weight-loss procedures.

  • Behavioral Health
  • Birth Care
  • Blood Disorder Care
  • Blood Test
  • Bone Care
  • Bone Scan

    A nuclear bone scan can detect or monitor illnesses that start in or spread to your bones. Community Hospital can provide skilled imaging services for accurate results.

  • Breast Biopsy

    You may receive a biopsy during the same appointment as your diagnostic imaging exam. For your convenience, count on our team to provide biopsy results as soon as possible.

  • Breast Care

    Take care of your breast health with help from the professionals at Montage Health. Whether you need specialized testing, preventive care, or treatment, our experts can help.

  • Breast MRI

    Breast MRI Our professional staff delivers highly detailed images of breast tissue using a powerful magnet and a computer to help detect or diagnose breast cancer.