Life after bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery starts a lifelong journey toward your best health. Every step of the way, lean on Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula and your care team for encouragement and support.

Recovery period

You’ll likely spend just one night in the hospital after surgery and be able to return to work or school within two weeks. During your recovery, follow your care team’s instructions on what and how much to eat. You’ll start with liquids only and gradually progress to solid food as your stomach heals.

Expect frequent checkups, lab tests, and exams to monitor your health for the first few months after surgery.

Follow-up care

Reach and maintain a healthy weight over the long term with comprehensive follow-up care. Plan to see your surgeon regularly for at least five years so the doctor can check on your progress and answer your questions.

To achieve your best overall health, see any other specialists your doctor may recommend, such as:

  • Cardiologist (heart doctor)
  • Endocrinologist (diabetes and hormone specialist)
  • Pulmonologist (lung doctor)
  • Reconstructive surgeon (plastic surgery specialist who can contour your body and remove excess skin after dramatic weight loss)

Rest assured, you’ll be in the hands of empathetic professionals who have years of experience treating patients like you after bariatric surgery.

Staying well in body and mind

Take advantage of services that help you maintain the progress you’ve made and adjust to life changes sparked by weight-loss surgery.

Support groups

Hear from other patients who have lost weight through surgery, and share your stories with people who understand your experience. Support groups not only can help you make meaningful friendships, but also teach you how to overcome obstacles and stay at a healthy weight for years to come.

Nutrition and fitness

Make sure you get all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrition your body needs after surgery. See a dietitian for one-on-one nutrition counseling, including help developing a meal plan tailored to your lifestyle and preferences. Take one of our healthy eating and fitness classes, and benefit from exercises you enjoy with one-on-one personal training services.

Wellness, mindfulness, and mental health

Help yourself and those closest to you adapt to the life-changing effects of your bariatric surgery. Explore mental health services, in which you and loved ones get support and practical advice from a caring, nonjudgmental professional. Consider taking a wellness class that teaches you how to process emotions, reduce stress, and feel more at peace throughout the day.

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