Types of weight-loss procedures

Count on your bariatric surgeon to recommend the best weight-loss procedure for your needs, health, and preferences at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula.

How does weight-loss surgery work?

In general, weight loss surgery works through some combination of:

  • Decreasing the amount you can comfortably eat at one time
  • Preventing you from absorbing calories
  • Producing hormonal changes that may help decrease appetite and improve diabetes

Less invasive, faster recovery

No matter which bariatric procedure you choose, your surgeon will likely take a laparoscopic (minimally invasive) approach. This means, instead of using one large incision, your surgeon will use several small incisions and a tiny camera called a laparoscope to perform surgery. You’ll benefit from:

  • Less pain and scarring
  • Lower risk of complications
  • Quicker recovery, with fewer days spent in the hospital

Gastric bypass

Roux-en-Y bypass, or gastric bypass, is a procedure which divides your stomach into two and connects the smaller, upper part with the small intestine. Food you eat will go into the upper part, bypassing about 95 percent of the stomach. You won’t be able to eat as much as before, and you’ll lose weight.

Gastric sleeve surgery

Also called vertical sleeve gastrectomy, gastric sleeve surgery is the most common type of bariatric surgery. The procedure removes 80 percent of the stomach, leaving a banana-shaped pouch. You won’t be able to eat as much, and food will enter your small intestine sooner. That means you’ll feel full faster, making weight loss easier.

Surgical revision

If you have a history of bariatric surgery elsewhere and are looking to establish care with a Community Hospital affiliated bariatric surgeon, we are here to help. Surgical revision may be applicable to those who are in need for medical related purposes.

Support after surgery

Regardless of your procedure, rely on Community Hospital and your surgeon for long-term care after bariatric surgery. You’ll benefit from classes, support groups, and personalized services that help you achieve your best possible results.

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