Breast care

Take care of your breast health with help from the professionals at Montage Health. Whether you need specialized testing at Community Hospital’s Carol Hatton Breast Care Center, preventive care, or treatment, our doctors offer expertise with a compassionate touch.

Breast Imaging Center of Excellence

You deserve care that meets the highest standards for imaging quality, safety, equipment, and staff qualifications. The American College of Radiology (ACR) awarded Breast Imaging Center of Excellence and Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence® designations to Carol Hatton Breast Care Center — the first area facility to earn this recognition. It means we’re accredited in:

You also have access to breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, which holds ACR accreditation in that test.

Personal risk assessment

Each time you visit Carol Hatton Breast Care Center for a routine breast cancer screening, we’ll ask questions to help identify your risk of developing the disease. The results guide our recommendations for your specific screening tests.

You can learn more about your inherited risk of breast cancer — and how to reduce it — through genetic counseling and testing and cancer preventive services. They’re available through Community Hospital’s Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Breast symptoms and conditions

If you’re a woman, examine your breasts monthly and get a yearly physical that includes a breast exam from your primary care doctor.

Both women and men can develop a breast condition. Contact your doctor if you experience any breast changes or uncomfortable symptoms. You may need a diagnostic test if you notice:

  • Breast lump
  • Breast skin or nipple changes
  • Swelling near your armpits

A diagnostic test can determine if you have breast cancer or a benign (noncancerous), more common condition such as a breast cyst or fibroadenoma.

Seamless, team-based care

Sometimes after an imaging test, we’ll ask you to come back for another exam to learn more about something a breast radiologist saw on your results. A nurse navigator will guide you through follow-up care, answer your questions, and help you get all the right services. If needed, you’ll transition seamlessly to Community Hospital or Comprehensive Cancer Center doctors, who work with your radiologist and primary care provider to offer well-rounded care.

Osteoporosis screening

If your doctor orders bone density testing, you can get this screening in the same convenient appointment as your mammogram at Carol Hatton Breast Care Center. Bone density testing uses a special type of X-ray called dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) to look for weakened bones, or osteoporosis. The results guide your doctor in recommending any needed steps to strengthen your bones and help prevent a fracture, or broken bone.

Make an appointment

Ask your doctor to give you a referral for services at Carol Hatton Breast Care Center. Then, call (831) 649-7233 to schedule your appointment.

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