Breast cancer care

Throughout your breast cancer journey, lean on the supportive experts at Community Hospital’s Comprehensive Cancer Center. You’ll get the complete care you need to reach your best outcome and live as well as possible during and after treatment.

Screenings and early detection

Regular mammograms can help catch cancer early, when treatment works best. Ask your doctor about the right screening schedule for you based on your personal and family health history. Learn about prevention and screening guidelines for breast cancer, and explore genetic testing that can reveal your inherited risk of the disease.

Fast, clear digital mammograms

At the Carol Hatton Breast Care Center, you’ll benefit from advanced digital mammography provided by compassionate, female technicians. This technology creates clear images in less than a minute, so you get accurate results and spend as little time in testing as possible.

Get a mammogram, give a mammogram

Learn how you can sponsor a breast cancer screening for someone not able to afford one.

Diagnosing breast cancer

Your doctor may order diagnostic tests if a screening shows something unusual or you have breast cancer symptoms — such as a new lump, nipple bleeding, or changes to the look and feel of your breast. Tests that can help doctors diagnose your condition include:

Treating breast cancer

After a cancer diagnosis, count on our team of cancer specialists to make a personalized care plan that reflects your needs and preferences. Stay near your home in the Monterey area for treatment, which may include one or more of these options:

Lymphedema therapy

If your breast cancer treatment includes surgery or radiation therapy, removal of or damage to the lymph nodes in the underarm may cause lymphedema. This condition may cause swelling, pain, or redness. If you experience this side effect, your doctor may recommend lymphedema therapy, where a physical therapist uses massage and other techniques to relieve swelling.

Support and survivorship

During and after treatment, take advantage of personalized survivorship services. You’ll learn how to keep yourself well and live as healthfully as possible over the long term.

You can also find education and encouragement in support groups for people like you who’ve been affected by breast cancer. Explore all patient and caregiver resources.

Improve your health and lower risks

Discover how to live a healthy lifestyle that reduces the risk of cancer. Read our tips for lowering the likelihood of breast cancer happening or coming back. Join a class on nutrition, weight management, or meditation for stress reduction.

Ask for a referral

You’ll need a referral from your doctor to schedule a cancer care appointment at Montage Health’s Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. Contact us at (831) 625-4753 if you have questions or need help.

Awards of Excellence

The Commission on Cancer is the accrediting body for Cancer Centers in the US with programs undergoing rigorous assessment every three years.

In addition, those programs which exceed a series of higher standards pertaining to the quality of patient care are awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award, given to less that 20% of cancer programs. Community Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Center has repeatedly achieved this landmark.

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