Classes and support groups

Take part in classes led by experts and support groups where you can build friendships with people who share common experiences. Events are open to cancer patients, their friends and loved ones, and community members.

Award-winning program

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula is your best local resource for cancer education and support. Our high-quality educational services helped our oncology program earn accreditation and the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Commission on Cancer (CoC). We host events about:

  • Preventing cancer and living a healthy lifestyle
  • Detecting cancer as early as possible
  • Coping with cancer treatment
  • Reaching the best possible outcome

Art therapy day

Attend our Healing Art Retreat, a half day or full day dedicated to using different activities and your creativity to express and process emotions. No previous artistic training is required.

Breast cancer programs

Find education and support by attending events designed for patients with breast cancer. Topics include:

  • Preparing for mastectomy or other types of surgery
  • Breast reconstruction options
  • What to expect during chemotherapy or radiation therapy
  • Sexuality and intimacy after breast cancer

Live Longer, Live Stronger

Cancer survivorship means living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis. Improve your long-term well being during and after cancer treatment through a survivorship program called Live Longer, Live Stronger.

Radiation therapy orientation

If your treatment plan includes radiation therapy, know what to expect. During orientation, you’ll:

  • Get education and answers to questions before you start treatment
  • Meet our staff
  • Tour the radiation oncology department where you’ll receive care

Radiation therapy orientations are by appointment. Call (831) 625-4630, Ext. 2439 for more information.

Cancer support groups

Connect with new friends you can relate to in an uplifting environment. Choose from:

  • Cancer Wellness© support group – Strategies for reducing pain and managing strong emotions
  • Caregivers’ drop-in program – Support for people caring for a loved one with cancer and advice on how to practice self-care, find time for reflection, learn coping skills, and more
  • Chronic pain support group – Compassionate conversations about managing pain through relaxation, meditation, and other skills, as well as healthy ways to express feelings

Cancer caregiver support groups

If you’re a support person or caregiver to someone with cancer, you play a major role in their healing process. Benefit from conversations and resources to reduce stress, practice self-care, and improve your well being. You’re welcome to attend any of our classes or support groups, but the caregivers’ drop-in program and Cancer Wellness support group may be especially helpful.

Education for community members

If you’re interested in learning more about cancer or related issues, attend educational events at Community Hospital that are open to the public.

Cancer center classroom

Certain classes and support groups take place in a dedicated classroom in our Comprehensive Cancer Center in Monterey.

Cost and registration

Some classes and support groups are free and open to the public, while others require registration and payment for materials. Search for upcoming events that match your interests and learn if registration or a fee is required.

Search our calendar

View upcoming cancer classes and support groups online and register if needed.

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