Inpatient diabetes program

Learn about the inpatient (overnight) diabetes department at Montage Health’s Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. You or your child may get care in this specialized hospital setting to get diabetes under control. After you go home, you’ll continue to receive support from our skilled team, so you reach the best outcome possible.

Locally known, nationally certified

Benefit from a program that’s well-known in the Monterey community and beyond for quality. We hold Advanced Certification for Inpatient Diabetes Care from the Joint Commission, one of the nation’s top healthcare accrediting organizations. Expect our skilled staff to follow standards recommended by the American Diabetes Association to improve the health of patients like you.

Better patient outcomes

Compared to other programs across the U.S., Community Hospital providers more quickly identify and effectively address hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Review specific quality and safety benchmarks to feel confident you’re in the right place.

What to expect

You may get care in the inpatient diabetes department if you are:

  • Newly diagnosed with diabetes or have a certain A1C (glycated hemoglobin) levels
  • Admitted to the hospital due to a problem caused by diabetes, such as hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia
  • Admitted to the hospital for another health concern and need diabetes care

In the hospital, you’ll receive:

  • Diabetes education and support
  • Insulin pump therapy if needed
  • Referral to a dietitian who can help you manage your diabetes through healthy food choices
  • Plan for managing your diabetes after you leave the hospital
  • Diabetes management specific to your diabetes

Your hospital care team

During your stay, you’ll see specialists certified in diabetes education and care, such as a dietitian, registered nurse (RN), or nurse practitioner. Depending on your needs, we may consult with endocrinologists, hospitalists, obstetricians (OBs), or pediatricians.

Follow-up care

Your diabetes care doesn’t end when you leave Community Hospital. With a referral, you can choose to get transitional services to prevent complications and stay out of the hospital. Transitional services may include a phone call, in-person visit, or virtual visit. Take part in any recommended diabetes services at our convenient outpatient office in Monterey.

How to get care

Ask your doctor to fax your referral to (831) 649-7221, or call Montage Health’s diabetes team at (831) 649-7220 if you have questions about the referral process or our services. We provide appointments in both English and Spanish.

Support our work

Help us improve diabetes care in Monterey County. Make a financial gift to the inpatient diabetes program at Community Hospital.

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