Look forward to excellent care that follows national best practices from your Montage Medical Group endocrinologist. Our team will always treat you with the respect and compassion you deserve.

What’s an endocrinologist?

An endocrinologist is a board-certified doctor specializing in the body’s endocrine glands, organs, and hormones. Hormone levels affect many processes in the body, including:

  • Growth
  • Heart rate
  • Metabolism
  • Mood and stress
  • Sexual development and reproduction
  • Sleep cycles

If you have certain symptoms or you’re diagnosed with an endocrine condition, you may receive a referral to an endocrinologist. You’ll have access to the full range of latest, most effective treatments because we’re the largest endocrinology program in the Monterey area.

Endocrine conditions

Find complete care near you for endocrine conditions and the symptoms they cause:

  • All types of diabetes, including prediabetes, Type 1, Type 2, and diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes)
  • Adrenal gland disorders, including Addison’s disease, Cushing syndrome (high cortisol levels), and tumors (abnormal growths)
  • Dyslipidemia, abnormal blood level of cholesterol or lipids (fats)
  • Metabolic disorders, including those related to obesity
  • Parathyroid gland disorders, such as overactive parathyroid, or hypercalcemia, abnormal calcium levels in the body that can lead to bone problems like osteoporosis (brittle bones)
  • Pituitary gland disorders, such as acromegaly (excess growth hormone) and prolactinoma and other types of tumors
  • Thyroid gland disorders, which may cause thyroid levels that are too high (hyperthyroidism) or low (hypothyroidism). Common conditions include goiter, Graves’ disease, thyroid nodules (lumps), and thyroid cancer

Reproductive endocrine disorders

Get treatment for hormonal conditions that may affect your reproductive system, fertility, and overall health. We address conditions that affect:

  • Female reproductive system, such as ovarian insufficiency (premature menopause) and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Male reproductive system, such as hypogonadism or low testosterone levels

Adult and pediatric care

Endocrinologists at Montage Health care for adult patients. Certain providers also care for pediatric patients age 10 and older. If your child needs specialized care, count on their endocrinologist to:

  • Teach your child about their condition and treatment plan in a way they understand
  • Tailor your child’s care plan to their condition, personal goals, and daily life
  • Provide you with education and guidance so you can best support your child

Caring for transgender patients

Look to our affirming specialists for hormone therapy and ongoing support to confirm gender identity.

Your first appointment

After we receive a referral from your doctor, you’ll schedule an outpatient consultation. (Outpatient means you’ll visit your endocrinologist’s office for care and go home afterward.)

Before your visit:

  • Make sure you understand why you’re seeing an endocrinologist. Ask your referring provider if you’re not sure
  • Complete the Montage Medical Group new patient questionnaire. Send it to your endocrinologist’s office a week before your appointment

On the day of your appointment, bring:

  • Any recent lab or imaging test results to share with your endocrinologist
  • List of your current medications, or bring the medications in their original containers
  • List of relevant current or past treatments you’ve received
  • Any medical devices, supplies, or materials related to your endocrine condition. For example, if you have diabetes, bring your blood sugar log or glucose monitor
  • List of any questions or concerns you have

During your appointment, plan to:

  • Talk about your medical history and any current symptoms
  • Receive a thorough evaluation for your condition and concerns

Diagnostic services

To detect the cause of your symptoms or learn more about your health, you may have:

  • Laboratory testing – Examines a sample of blood, urine, or other body tissue to diagnose a condition or check how a treatment is working
  • Diagnostic imaging studies or gland function tests. These may take place at a Montage Health imaging center or Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula’s infusion center
  • Fine-needle aspiration or ultrasound-guided thyroid nodule biopsy – Uses advanced technology to take a small sample to examine in a lab
  • Gland stimulation injections to see how well a gland responds

Your treatment plan

You and your endocrinologist will work together to create a treatment plan. Our goal is to relieve symptoms and restore balance to your endocrine system. Your doctor will answer all your questions, so you feel confident making choices about your care.

Depending on your diagnosis, your plan may include:

  • Monitoring a condition for changes
  • Diabetes education, treatment, and self-management. To control your glucose (blood sugar) levels, you may use medications, insulin pumps, glucose meters, or continuous glucose monitors
  • Lifestyle changes, such as reaching and maintaining a healthy weight
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Hormone therapy, which uses medications to increase or decrease certain hormone levels
  • Osteoporosis treatment. Your doctor may recommend medications like Prolia® by mouth or Reclast through infusion to restore bone strength and prevent fractures (broken bones)
  • Management of symptoms or related conditions, such as high or low blood pressure or high cholesterol
  • Referrals to other specialists, such as an oncologist (cancer doctor) or surgeon

Follow your treatment plan and attend any needed follow-up appointments to reach your health goals, avoid complications, and feel your best.

Coordinated, collaborative care

You have access to everything the Montage Health system can offer. To diagnose and manage your condition, your endocrinologist will collaborate with other members of your care team. This may include Montage Health providers and specialists at other organizations. Your endocrinologist will also communicate with your primary care provider after every appointment.

Ask for a referral

You’ll need a doctor’s referral from your primary care physician or another provider to schedule an appointment for endocrinology care at Montage Health.

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