Exercise classes

Explore Montage Wellness Center’s group exercise classes designed and led by professional instructors. Whatever your current fitness level, you’ll find an option for a fun, effective workout. Group classes open to Montage Wellness Center members.

Class costs and fees

If you’re a Montage Wellness Center member, your membership fully covers the cost of most classes at the facility or facilities you belong to. Classes that cost extra are noted as “fee-based” in the class description.

If you’re a member but not at the location offering the class you want to take, you can register for that class by paying a small fee.

Class descriptions

Each location offers different activities, instructors, and class schedules. Though our classes are subject to change, we typically offer the following on an ongoing basis.

Aquatic classes

Hop into a pool for an effective workout that delivers results. Water provides natural resistance and supports your joints so you can move and bend more easily.

Class name Class description Available location(s)
Aqua Cardio Boost your cardiovascular health while moving to music. Exercises are intermediate level and low-impact. Marina
Aqua Dynamics If you have arthritis or a joint condition or you’re new to aquatic exercise, this is the perfect, slower-paced class to improve your joint health. Marina
Aqua Strength Learn basic strength-training movements and fundamentals. Marina
Aqua Zumba® Enjoy a fun, high-energy, challenging, body-toning aerobic workout. Aqua Zumba® combines Latin music rhythms and dance steps, creating a pool party atmosphere. Salinas


Barre is a form of exercise that incorporates movements associated with ballet and dance.

Class name Class description Available locations
Physio Barre Focus on your posture, breathing, and lengthening your entire body. This class can help you build joint strength and flexibility while improving your balance. Salinas

Better balance

Work toward better poise and stability and other goals, including strength, flexibility, and fall prevention.

Class name Class description Available locations
Balance and Recovery Use different exercises to increase muscle flexibility and recovery and stabilize your core. Marina
Better Bones and Balance If you have an orthopedic limitation or injury, focus on improving your bone and joint health and balance through low-impact exercises. Marina
Boxing for Balance (Fee-Based) This class is designed for people with a neurological condition, such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), or stroke. Boxing exercises can help you improve balance, coordination, endurance, posture, reaction time, and more. Marina
Core Balance Use Swiss balls, bands, straps, and mats to strengthen your abdomen, back, and legs during this well-rounded exercise program. Marina
Dynamic Movement Circuit Move through different poses at increased speed. This class can help you do your daily activities more easily, with less risk of falling. Salinas

Core strength

Target your abdominal muscles to improve the strength and stability of your core.

Class name Class description Available locations
All Abs Take part in low-impact, muscle-building movements and stretches to improve stability, balance, and muscle tone. Salinas
Core Conditioning If you have an orthopedic limitation or injury, focus on improving your bone and joint health and balance through low-impact exercises. Marina
Core Strength and Flexibility During the first half of class, you’ll strengthen core muscle groups (hips, abdominals, and lower back). The second half emphasizes basic flexibility for improved movement, lean muscle tone, and reduced joint stress. Salinas

You may also be interested in Pilates, another core-strengthening exercise, available at both of our locations.

Full-body workouts and high-intensity interval training (HIIT)

Benefit every part of your body during workouts of different intensity levels.

Class name Class description Available locations
Bells and Bands Use equipment like kettlebells, resistance bands, and Versa loops during this high-energy class. Marina
Bootcamp Challenge yourself with a mix of cardiovascular and strength exercises during a variation of partner and circuit workouts. Marina
Burnzone Burn fat and calories while building muscle. Optimize your workout by wearing a personal heart monitor and tracking your heart rate in real time. Salinas
Cardio Strength Circuit Increase strength, agility, coordination, and aerobic fitness as you move through a circuit of athletic stations. Marina
Full Body Mobility Ease joint pain and stiffness and increase your flexibility and range of motion. Marina
High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Lift a light-to-moderate barbell weight through multiple repetitions, targeting all major muscle groups. Your instructor will coach you through science-backed, strength-building techniques. Marina
Kettlebell Strength Learn the basics of functional kettlebell movements, including safe lifting. Get your heart rate up and tone your entire body. Marina
Med-Ball Badness Challenge yourself during a high-intensity, full-body workout that uses medicine balls to boost muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health. Marina
Total Body Sculpt Target all major muscle groups through high repetition of a barbell workout using light-to-moderate weights. Salinas

Group personal training

Get the same expert, intensive guidance you’d receive during an individual personal training session in a more cost-effective, small group environment. Montage Wellness Center – Salinas offers group classes designed for participants of all fitness and experience levels.

Use special equipment following a unique, circuit-style format to deliver the most effective full-body workout. Your certified trainer will offer tips and support as you move through activities that combine cardiovascular conditioning and strength-building.

Healthy back, bones, and heart

Target specific areas of the body with our cornerstone classes: Healthy Back, Healthy Bones, or Healthy Heart and Bones.

Class name Class description Available locations
Healthy Back Take part in safe, guided exercises to support bone and joint health. Marina
Healthy Bones Challenge yourself with a mix of cardiovascular and strength exercises during a variation of partner and circuit workouts. Marina
Healthy Heart and Bones Use resistance bands, free weights, and bodyweight exercises to increase strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. This low-impact class is designed for people with injuries or limitations. Salinas


Take part in a martial arts-based workout that burns calories and relieves stress.

Class name Class description Available locations
Kickboxing Punch, kick, and integrate plyometrics (short bursts of maximum force) during this high-energy class. You’ll notice improvements in your energy levels and muscle strength and tone. Marina

If you or a loved one with a neurological condition are interested in improving your balance through boxing, view our list of balance improvement classes. Boxing for Balance is a fee-based class available at our Marina location.

Flexibility and stretching

Stretching not only feels good, it can help improve your physical abilities and performance during other activities.

Class name Class description Available locations
Breathe and Stretch Get tips on correct breathing when you’re active and improve your flexibility to see benefits in your strength and cardiovascular health. Marina
Roll and Recovery Use foam rolling, stretching, and mobility drills to increase strength and range of motion. This class is a great introduction to mobility routines and a perfect warm-up or a cool down for other activities. Marina
Stretch into Relaxation Stretch your entire body while using deep breathing techniques, leading to a deep state of relaxation. This is the class for you if you need a good stretch, from head to toe, and an hour of mindfulness. Salinas

In addition to these flexibility-focused classes, you may be interested in tai chi and yoga, which offer similar benefits.


See a major difference in your balance abilities and physical strength, especially in your core, without putting stress on your joints.

Class name Class description Available locations
Pilates Maximize your core strength while toning your muscles and improving your flexibility and coordination. This class is perfect for beginners who want an introduction to the Pilates mat. Marina
POP Pilates® Move to the latest Top 40 hits using Pilates choreography. If you need a fun challenge, this new take on Pilates will define your abs and other muscles. Salinas
Spring Board Cross Training (Fee Based) Complete a series of non-impact exercises using wall-mounted spring boards and Pilates movements. Marina

Senior exercise classes

Discover fitness classes designed for seniors of all activity levels. Montage Wellness Center members over age 65 can take advantage of free activities, no registration required.

Spin® class (indoor cycling)

You’ll leave the fitness center feeling great and glowing after pedaling your way through our energizing indoor cycling classes.

Class name Class description Available locations
Indoor Cycling Jump on a Schwinn Carbon Blue spin bike to burn calories during this high-intensity, low-impact class. Marina
Spin Generate a serious sweat. You’ll simulate an outdoor ride filled with hills, sprints, and other terrains. If you’re a new cycling enthusiast, you’ll appreciate learning about adjusting your bike, proper breathing techniques, and body alignment to make your workout as effective as possible. Salinas

Tai chi

Both of our locations offer tai chi, an ancient form of martial arts. Benefits including improving balance, agility, strength, and coordination.

Class name Class description Available locations
Tai Chi I Learn tai chi fundamental movements while practicing proper breathing techniques. This is a great class for beginners. Salinas
Tai Chi – Various Programs Take advantage of different types of classes that build on the disciplines of tai chi, including Aqua Tai Chi in our warm-water pool or Push Hands. Marina


Enjoy the many rewards of yoga, from improving your flexibility and strength to easing aches and pains and improving your mental and spiritual well-being. We offer classes for all skill levels.

Class name Class description Available locations
Yoga Explore the basics of yoga, including breath control, simple meditation, and specific postures and movement techniques. This is a great class for beginners. Marina
Yoga Flow Move through various yoga poses at a smooth pace as you synchronize your breathing. Experience is helpful but not required. Marina
Yoga Strength and Balance Challenge yourself with yoga poses that improve strength and balance. Marina
Yin Yoga Slowly, meditatively, and patiently stretch and open the body. Yin Yoga is an excellent choice for people of all experience levels with stiffness or trouble with mobility and flexibility. Marina


Class name Class description Available locations
Zumba® Enjoy easy-to-follow movements as you dance to rhythmic Latin music. This fun, aerobic workout burns calories and leaves participants smiling and energized. Marina

Other wellness classes

Check Montage Health’s online calendar for non-exercise classes, including lectures, support groups, and other events.

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