medical fitness program

Medical Fitness Program

Cardiopulmonary Wellness

Discover how you can manage health conditions through exercise after receiving an evaluation and personal exercise plan.

Program includes:

  • Individual evaluation by clinical staff including medical/exercise history and personal goals
  • Exercise training and supervision with Clinical Exercise Physiologist for all levels
  • Clinical monitoring as needed (i.e. oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate/rhythm)
  • Support and recommendations on how to continue exercise independently

At completion, participants will have a specific, safe, and progressive exercise plan tailored to their health conditions and personal goals.

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Conveniently located

The Medical Fitness program takes place at the Cardiopulmonary Wellness office inside Montage Wellness Center, at 2920 2nd Avenue, Suite 120, in Marina.

Cost of the program

Insurance does not cover the Medical Fitness program. Your individual assessment costs $85, and the exercise training portion of the program costs $225.

Physician referral

A physician referral is needed for the Medical Fitness program. We can help get this for you. For more information or to make an appointment, please call (831) 883-5660.

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