Hospitalist care

When you’re admitted to Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, you may receive care from hospitalists. These family doctors or internists (specialists in adult health) serve only hospital patients, so you receive timely, expert care.

How you benefit

Hospitalists are available at Community Hospital around the clock. They can respond to your needs faster than your primary care provider (PCP) or another doctor who sees patients outside the hospital. That means you get test results and treatment recommendations as soon as possible. You may even be able to go home in less time than you would without a hospitalist.

What to expect

During your hospital stay, a hospitalist will oversee your care and may:

  • Order tests and treatments
  • Educate you about your condition and care plan
  • Coordinate care from other types of healthcare providers
  • Monitor your condition and safety
  • Help make sure you leave the hospital with plans for follow-up services you may need, such as rehabilitation

Communicating with your PCP

Like any other specialist, your hospitalist will talk to your primary care doctor as needed to learn about your health history and share a summary of your treatment. Your PCP will take over your care after you leave the hospital.

If you don’t have a primary care doctor, ask us for a referral. We’ll connect you with a physician who can help you stay in the best possible health.

Prepare for your visit

Explore patient and family resources at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. You’ll find information on visiting guidelines, paying for care, accessing medical records, and much more.