What to expect during your outpatient lab test

Visit one of Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula’s outpatient laboratories for same-day testing. You’ll appreciate how we’ve made your experience as easy as possible so that you can get back to your day.

Walk-in testing services

You don’t need an appointment to visit one of our six conveniently located laboratories. However, you do need a doctor’s order for your tests.

Extended hours

To fit your busy schedule, the labs offer different hours of operation, including early morning and late afternoon, Saturday, and sometimes holiday hours. Usually, the labs are busiest in the morning, but our goal is to make your visit as quick and smooth as possible. If you don’t have to fast (avoid eating) before your test, consider coming in the afternoon.

When you arrive

You’ll register for your test with a friendly member of our staff. Plan to show:

  • Your ID and insurance card
  • Copy of your lab test order from your doctor, just in case we didn’t receive the order digitally or via fax

How your test is performed

During your visit, rely on our staff to explain what will happen and answer any questions you have. A healthcare professional will collect the testing sample while following the highest standards to keep you safe and comfortable and protect your privacy.

Visit the Lab Tests Online website for helpful, accurate information about specific types of tests.

Blood draws

If you have a blood draw, a certified, state-licensed professional called a phlebotomist will take the sample. Whenever possible, your phlebotomist will take the blood sample from the arm you prefer.

Urine and stool sample collection

You may:

  • Visit the lab to provide your sample in an onsite bathroom
  • In some cases, receive a special container from your doctor to collect a urine or stool sample at your home. Bring the collected sample to the lab for testing

Your lab test results

Understand typical turnaround times for lab test results, how and when you can access your results, and why your doctor is the best choice to help you interpret what your tests mean.

Learn more

Get answers to common questions about our laboratory services, including:

  • Types of tests we offer and why you may need a test
  • How to prepare for your test and estimate how much it may cost
  • Various certifications of our labs and staff

Find a lab near you

Once you have a doctor’s order, you can walk in to any Community Hospital laboratory during regular business hours for most tests. Search for a laboratory to view hours of operation and contact information, and call ahead of time to make sure the location you’re going to offers the specific test you need.

Read COVID-19 policies

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our laboratory services and hours of operation. Stay up-to-date on the latest changes, and learn how they may affect your visit.

View your results in MyChart

MyChart is a secure, online patient portal where you can view your medical records, including lab test results, as soon as they’re available. Setting up an account also lets you communicate with your healthcare team and take care of other tasks.

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