CT lung scan

If you’re a current smoker or have a history of smoking, your doctor may recommend lung cancer screening. Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula offers computed tomography (CT) scans to quickly and safely look for signs of the disease as early as possible.

Who should get a CT lung scan?

Talk to your primary care doctor to learn if you should get a yearly scan. The United States Preventive Services Taskforce (USPSTF) recommends annual screening if you’re between age 50 to 80 and you:

  • Have at least 20 pack years of smoking history. Visit the Smoking Pack Years website to calculate your pack years
  • Still smoke or quit within the last 15 years

Regular screening exams may save your life. Because the first stages of lung cancer usually don’t cause symptoms, CT lung scans can find cancer early, when treatment works best.

How it works

A CT scan uses a computer and a low dose of radiation to create detailed pictures of the inside of the body. Rest assured, we’ll use the safest, lowest amount of radiation needed to perform your scan.

During your exam, you’ll lie as still as possible on a CT table, which moves your body through a scanner. You’ll be able to resume your normal activities right away.

Designated Screening Center

Community Hospital holds designation as a Lung Cancer Screening Center from the American College of Radiology. This signifies we’re a top-quality provider of safe, effective diagnostic imaging for those at high risk for lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Screening Center logo

How much does it cost?

Most insurance providers, including Medicare, cover all or part of the cost of lung CT scans for people at high risk of lung cancer. Contact your insurance provider to learn more.

Your test results

Ask your care team when and how to expect your results and what follow-up services you may need. Your doctor may recommend additional scans or certain procedures. For about one in five people, their lung scan results show abnormalities that turn out not to be cancer.

Complete lung cancer care

Explore lung cancer prevention, screening and diagnostic services, and treatment options available from Montage Health.

Smoking cessation program

If you still smoke or vape, protect your lung health by getting help to quit.

How to schedule a scan

Ask your doctor if you meet the testing criteria for a lung cancer screening. Once you have a doctor’s order, call (831) 649-7231 to schedule your scan.

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