How to prepare for joint replacement

Throughout your surgical journey, rely on personal support and guidance from Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. You’ll find the tools and care you need for a successful surgery.

Meet with a surgeon

Start your journey by making a one-on-one appointment with an orthopedic surgeon — a member of your community who is part of the medical staff at Community Hospital. The surgeon will examine your joint, review your health history and goals, and help you determine if surgery is right for you.

Comprehensive preoperative (pre-op) class

Within four weeks before surgery, take our free, required class covering everything you need to know. Bring a support person who will help you recover after surgery.

Through the class, you will:

  • Learn what to expect from surgery
  • Get answers to your questions
  • Receive tips on improving your recovery, including making your home safe, using assistive devices, and preventing falls

You’ll receive a binder explaining each step of your surgical journey in detail.

Total joint replacement pre-surgical class

Submit a short form and you will be directed to watch a required video about total joint replacement.

Presurgical appointments

To make sure you’re in good health for surgery, you’ll need to:

  • Receive a physical exam from your primary care doctor
  • Complete a preoperative clinic appointment at Community Hospital to screen for health conditions, take lab tests, review medications you take, and discuss any previous experiences you’ve had receiving anesthesia

Trust your care team to work with your doctor as needed to help you get in the best possible health before treatment. If you smoke, ask us about tobacco cessation services so you can kick the habit at least four weeks before surgery. Smoking makes it harder for your body to heal and can prevent your surgery from moving forward.

Support and guidance

Throughout your experience, lean on our nurse navigator or the joint coordinator for help getting all the care and information you need. These professionals:

  • Guide you through the process of getting surgery and answer your questions
  • Help set up appointments
  • Visit you in the hospital
  • Call or communicate with Force after you go home to see how you’re doing and make sure you have the right medications, medical equipment, and other resources during the first 90 days with your new joint

Afterward, you can contact them any time, for up to three months after you leave the hospital following surgery.

Choose a support person

Ask a friend or family member to be your dedicated joint replacement coach: someone who helps you prepare for the procedure and stays with you at home for at least three full days and nights after surgery. Include your coach in the pre-op class and your appointments so they can learn how to take care of you during recovery and help you remember your care team’s instructions.

Staying in touch

Your surgeon may invite you to use a digital platform called Force® to help you get ready for surgery and communicate with your care team. This tool:

  • Outlines each upcoming step of your care
  • Sends you appointment reminders
  • Includes videos and exercise guidance to help you prepare for surgery
  • Lets you send messages and photos to your surgeon and get timely responses
  • Invites you to answer questions about your recovery so your care team can monitor your progress and help you achieve the best outcome

When you use Force consistently, you may feel more assured about your health and see better long-term results from treatment.

Preventing the spread of COVID-19

Every patient must test negative for COVID-19 before surgery. Rest assured, we’ll do everything possible to reduce your chance of exposure to contagious illnesses, so you stay safe at the hospital.

Find a surgeon

Talk to your doctor or call (888) 45CHOMP for a referral to an orthopedic specialist.

Choose an orthopedic specialist

Contact us

To reach the Orthopedic Center office, call (831) 625-4994 Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Prepare for surgery

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