Pediatric surgery

When your child needs surgery, depend on the expert team at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. We’ll follow the highest standards every step of the way to ensure the best possible results.

Family-centered approach

For your child’s comfort and your peace of mind, you’ll be able to stay with your child as much as possible throughout their care. Count on us to explain your child’s treatment, answer your questions, and provide you with support and reassurance, so you can focus on your child’s well-being.

Your child’s care team

Your child’s health and safety will be the focus of knowledgeable professionals led by a surgeon in a well-equipped hospital setting. Ask your child’s doctor:

  • How to prepare your child before surgery
  • What will happen during and after your child’s procedure
  • How to support your child through their experience and help them heal at home
  • What follow-up services your child may need

What to expect

How you and your child get ready for surgery depends on if the procedure is planned or unplanned, the type of procedure, and other factors. Your child may have:

On the day of your child’s surgery

A parent or guardian needs to accompany a patient under 18 at all times. If you have other children, make arrangements for childcare before the day of surgery.

On the day of your child’s admission to the hospital for their procedure:

  • Make sure your child follows their care team’s instructions on what beverages or foods they can have or if there’s a certain amount of time they shouldn’t eat or drink before their procedure
  • Make sure your child follows any medication instructions they receive. Your child may need to take or stop certain prescription or over-the-counter drugs
  • Your child should take a bath or shower and wash their hair. They shouldn’t use lotion, deodorant, powder, or makeup
  • Your child should wear loose, comfortable, clean clothing
  • Your child should wear glasses if they use them, not contacts
  • Bring diapers, formula, or breastmilk if your child uses them
  • Leave valuables and medications at home

If your child will stay overnight, bring:

  • Pajamas, a robe, and other personal items
  • Your child’s continuing positive airway pressure (CPAP) or bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP) machine if they use one

Prepare for your visit

Explore patient and family resources at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. You’ll find information on visiting guidelines, paying for care, accessing medical records, and much more.