Newborn care and screening tests

At Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula's Family Birth Center, your newborn receives screening tests and special attention as soon as they arrive.

What to expect at the hospital

You and your baby will stay together in the same room. Our staff will visit the room to provide care to both of you.

Newborn medical care

In the first two hours after your baby is born, our staff will:

  • Notify your baby's doctor your baby has arrived
  • Check your baby’s breathing, heart rate, length and weight, muscle tone, reflexes, and other signs
  • Apply ointment to your baby's eyes to prevent or treat eye infections
  • Give your baby a vitamin K injection, which helps prevent bleeding problems

During your stay

Your nurse will frequently check on your baby. Your baby's doctor will provide a physical examination. It will include an assessment of how well your baby is eating, urinating, and passing bowel movements.

Get tips on how to care for your new baby from a friendly nurse and other staff members. You can receive recommendations about:

State screening test

Before you leave the hospital, California law requires your baby has a blood test to check for certain health problems. A healthcare professional will take a few drops of blood from your baby's heel and send the sample to a state-approved lab.

Legal documentation

Before you leave the birth center, you can complete an application for your baby's birth certificate. You'll also receive information about getting your baby's Social Security number (SSN).

Circumcision services

Circumcision is minor surgery to remove the foreskin of the penis. You can request it before or after leaving the hospital.

Contact the Family Birth Center

Call (831) 625-4773 to reach our staff 24/7.

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