Your healthcare team at the Family Birth Center

Meet the types of professionals who provide expert care at the Family Birth Center. Trust our team to offer high-quality medical services with a compassionate touch that’s equally important to your well-being.

Your feedback is welcome to help us enhance our care and positively impact the Monterey Peninsula community as an obstetrics leader.

Certified nurses at the birth center

FBC staffYour assigned nurse will likely be the same person your entire stay. This helps ensure you and your baby receive the best possible, coordinated care. The labor and delivery nurses at the Family Birth Center have years of experience and extensive training to deliver babies, so we know every pregnancy and birth journey is unique.

You can expect our empathetic, skilled professionals to provide care that:

  • Centers on your needs and preferences
  • Honors your choices during and after labor
  • Follows best practices to protect your physical and emotional well-being and safety
  • Minimizes the side effects of any medical treatments

Most of our staff are certified labor-and-delivery nurses with additional expertise in postpartum depression, lactation, and other topics. Our nurses regularly receive training on the latest research and best practices.

Certified lactation consultants

Benefit from one-on-one support during and after your stay at the birth center from our certified lactation consultants. Read about breastfeeding guidance and support.

Special care nursery

Have peace of mind knowing that, if needed, the specialists at our intermediate intensive care nursery (IICN) are ready to provide advanced support to babies born sick or early.

Your support team

During labor, you can have up to two support people, such as a loved one and a doula. Consider who you may want with you as you create your birth plan and learn about the role of your support team during labor.

Doctors for you and your baby

An obstetrician, or OB, is a doctor who specializes in caring for a woman during pregnancy and birth. You may choose your OB before or when you become pregnant.

A pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in the health needs of babies and children as they grow, from birth to age 18. Finding a doctor before you give birth gives you time to research your options and pick the doctor who matches your preferences for your baby’s care.

When choosing your OB and pediatrician, you have many options in the community. But certain doctors have medical privileges (authorization to provide care) at the Family Birth Center. Use our online doctor directory to look up an OB or pediatrician who can provide care at the birth center. If you already have a doctor or pick one who isn’t listed, you can still choose the Family Birth Center for your delivery. We have OBs and pediatricians on-call 24/7 to provide care for you and your baby.

If needed, your primary care provider can also give you a referral to an OB or pediatrician. If you have any questions about what to look for in your doctor or your baby’s doctor, talk to our staff for resources.

Contact the Family Birth Center

Call (831) 625-4773 to reach our staff 24/7.

Register for your stay

Learn how to register to deliver your baby at the Family Birth Center.

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