Smoking cessation

Whether it’s your first time trying to quit tobacco or you’ve made attempts before, Montage Health can help. Our Kick the Nic program provides one-on-one appointments to create a plan just for you.

One-on-one counseling

Partner with a smoking cessation counselor for motivation, support, and expert guidance. You’ll start with an individualized assessment to talk about your health, smoking habits, goals, and obstacles. We’ll let your physician know of recommendations we have for nicotine replacement therapy or prescription medications that reduce the urge to smoke.

During follow-up appointments, expect to:

  • Co-create your individualized quit plan
  • Learn how to manage cravings, avoid withdrawal symptoms, and stop smoking for good
  • Discuss how to set up your home and work environments in ways that make it easier to avoid smoking
  • Talk about how well medications or nicotine replacement options are working for you
  • Set goals you can achieve in-between appointments

How to get started

You’ll need a referral from a doctor for Kick the Nic. Our team can help you get a referral if needed.

Insurance coverage

Many insurance plans pay for smoking cessation services. We can assist in checking your plan’s coverage.

Lung rehabilitation and screenings

Ask your doctor if you’d benefit from:

Benefits of quitting tobacco

Your blood pressure and pulse improve the first day you don’t smoke. By the second day, you start to regain your sense of smell and taste, and damaged nerves begin to regrow. Within several months, your risk of heart attack declines, and your lungs work better. As you continue to avoid tobacco and nicotine, you may experience higher energy levels, cough less, and generally feel healthier.

Get help to quit

Call (831) 883-5660 to learn more about Montage Health’s Kick the Nic program or schedule an appointment with a smoking cessation counselor.