Connect with a helpful healthcare professional from the comfort and privacy of your home (or wherever you are). Think of Montage Health’s telemedicine services when you need high-quality, fast, affordable care of a minor health concern. All you need to get started is your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

24/7 eVisits

Use an eVisit when you need quick care for many common health concerns, including respiratory infections and minor skin problems, that don’t require an in-person examination. After you set up your eVisit account, you’ll answer a few questions. Within an hour, a healthcare provider will provide your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Read eVisit instructions to learn more about this low-cost, secure, 24/7 service.

Start an eVisit

Video doctor visits

If you’re the patient of a participating Montage Medical Group physician, schedule a video visit with your provider. You’ll see your regular doctor to talk about an ongoing health concern, request a prescription refill, or get quick care for a new, minor illness or injury.

Free, 24/7 COVID-19 eVisits

Use an eVisit for fast, free care if you or a loved one age 2 or older have respiratory symptoms that could be caused by influenza (flu), COVID-19, or allergies. You’ll receive a COVID-19 evaluation and referral for testing, if appropriate.

Read eVisit Instructions

Other ways to get care

Some conditions can’t be treated virtually. Get the care that’s right for you and save time and money when you go to the correct setting for your symptoms.

  • Call 911 or go to the Emergency department if you need immediate help for a serious health problem
  • Contact your primary care provider for all of your day-to-day health needs
  • Walk in to a MoGo Urgent Care near you during open hours if your doctor isn’t available or you need quick care for a minor illness or injury