Personal health profiles and risk assessments

Gain insight into the health of your workforce while empowering them to make improvements. Montage Health's Worksite Wellness program gathers employee health data to create customized reports for both employees and employers.

How does it work?

Your employees will voluntarily complete secure, confidential surveys. To protect staff privacy, only healthcare professionals from Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (Montage Health's hospital) will view the surveys and analyze the results.

Personalized reports for employees

Participating employees receive an individualized report. Count on our team to make it easy for employees to not only understand their reports but also take action.

Employees can use their reports to:

  • Identify health risks, especially those they can control
  • Recognize any unhealthy lifestyle habits
  • Take it to their physician for a second opinion to get further guidance and medical care if needed 
  • Understand how to improve their health through specific lifestyle changes

Organizational data for employers

Get a health snapshot of your workforce: a report covering general information and trends without identifying data about any specific employee. The report lets you:

  • Compare the health of your team to other organizations
  • Pinpoint specific health risks to address them before they generate significant claims, avoiding increased costs
  • Provide personalized organization consulting to become a Blue Zones Certified Employer
  • Track improvements over time

Know Your Numbers Health Risk Assessment

Look beyond what you're seeing in medical claims or traditional health risk assessments (HRAs). Use the Know Your Numbers reports to:

  • Identify the top five conditions your employees are at risk of developing
  • Understand the percentage impact a wellness program can have on lowering risk of those top five conditions
  • Receive a risk reduction plan customized to your organization and designed to achieve the best results possible
  • See graphics that show your employees' risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, or certain cancers
  • Compare your employees' disease risk with people outside your organization based on age and gender

Expect high-quality data because we use evidence-based models to determine disease risk. Your report can also be a great resource as you or your human resources (HR) team calculates the return on investment (ROI) of your employee wellness program.

Employer reporting dashboard

Use our helpful dashboard to:

  • Analyze aggregated biometric data and see insights in real time
  • Generate PDFs for internal reports
  • View website statistics and event participation metrics

Additional services

Based on the data we gather, your workforce may benefit from additional employee wellness services. We offer onsite exercise classes, employee challenges, and more. Learn about our wide range of employee wellness services.

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