Physician support team

As a Montage Health medical staff member, you can look to your dedicated physician support team for assistance, engagement opportunities, and more. Count on us to combine our skills to support your leadership, expertise, well-being, and professional development, so you can support our patients.

Medical Staff Services

Tami Sojka photo

Tami Sojka
Assistant Director

Anna Velazquez photo

Anna Velazquez
Sr. Administrative Assistant

Shannon Curran photo

Shannon Curran
Medical Librarian

Florence Rogacion photo

Florence Rogacion
Peer Review Coordinator

Jana Stiebel photo

Jana Stiebel
CME Coordinator

Flaurette Velasquez photo

Flaurette Velasquez
Credentialing Specialist

Physician Liaisons

Rose Wheelus photo

Rose Wheelus

Teresa Nunes photo

Teresa Nunes

Donna Miller photo

Donna Miller

Geri Kenyon photo

Geri Kenyon

Physician Advocate

Melissa Rosenthal photo

Melissa Rosenthal

Director, Quality Management and Medical Staff Services

David Wood photo

David Wood

Medical Director, Clinical Informatics

Jil Tiongco photo

Jill Tiongco, MD

Physician Power Users

Melissa Hart photo

Melissa Hart, MD

Mikko Helenius photo

Mikko Helenius, MD

Guru Khalsa, MD

Guru Khalsa, MD

Khera Tanvir

Khera Tanvir, MD

Kohama Mitsuyo

Kohama Mitsuyo, MD

Michael Lawson

Michael Lawson, MD

Juan Magana

Juan Magana, MD

Sazani Magaly

Sazani Magaly, MD

Physician Engagement and Community Support

Carrie Crook photo

Carrie Crook
Event Coordinator

Deme Jamson photo

Deme Jamson
Physician Engagement Manager

Contact us

Call (831) 625-4556 or email the physician support team if you have feedback, suggestions, questions, or an event idea.