Physician well-being resources

While healthcare workers regularly put others before themselves, your good health and wellness are essential to your ability to care for patients and their loved ones. Find a wide range of services to help you and other Montage Health medical staff members recharge and protect your emotional, mental, and overall well-being.

Confidential mental health support

Improve your mental health long-term and prevent physician burnout. Learn about Meru Health, a free, online, 12-week program you can access anytime, anywhere. Benefit from:

  • Anonymous peer and psychiatrist support
  • Biofeedback therapy to better understand and manage your body’s stress response
  • Daily chats with a licensed therapist
  • Habit-changing guidance for better sleep, nutrition, and more
  • Mindfulness practices and tips

Classes & events

Are you interested in exploring new ways to manage stress and prevent illness? Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an intensive eight-week program that empowers participants to take an active role in their health and wellness. This program was developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn to help participants transform their reactions to daily stress, anxiety, chronic pain, illness, and stress-related conditions, and is aimed at improving life at home, in social situations, and in the workplace. The course consists of intensive training in mindfulness meditation, gentle movement, and group support.

Your physician advocate

Contact a dedicated physician advocate at (831) 236-4343 or by email. This professional:

  • Advocates for Montage Health medical staff members within the organization and the community
  • Serves as a navigator for individual doctors to resolve issues and concerns
  • Ensures timely follow-up and communication for all sources of physician input
  • Coordinates and attends staff meetings to help solve problems

Contact physician leadership

Have an operational concern or idea to improve Montage Health? Make sure you’re connected to the employee intranet, and then download the Medical Staff Leadership Roster [PDF] to look up contact information and reach out to share your thoughts.

Schwartz rounds

Learn about Schwartz rounds, which give you and your colleagues an opportunity to process the emotional aspects of your work.

Recognize a colleague

Send thanks and appreciation for a job well done. Use our employee intranet to send a kudos card.

Other educational resources

You may be interested in other websites that promote doctor well-being and resiliency. Check out:

Contact us

Call (650) 526-8912 or email the physician support team if you have feedback, suggestions, questions, or an event idea.