Apply for a community benefit grant

If your organization promotes health, wellness, or access to care in the Monterey County area, apply for a grant from Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula’s Community Benefit Fund.

Grant criteria

Community Hospital awards grants to nonprofits and multi-agency networks that work to assess and improve people’s health. Highest priority goes to projects that:

  • Increase access to care for community residents
  • Involve collaboration among organizations
  • Use Community Hospital’s clinical expertise

Program objectives

Your organization may qualify for a grant between $250 and $10,000 if it supports any of these Community Benefit Program objectives:

  • Building healthy communities – Assessing community health needs and addressing the health-related goals of initiatives such as the TELLUS Project and Community of Caring Monterey Peninsula
  • Health education and wellness – Improving a person’s knowledge of their medical risks, self-care, and healthy lifestyle choices, as well as building healthcare professionals’ skills
  • Improving access to care – Removing barriers to primary care and other medical services
  • Special care for special needs – Meeting the physical and behavioral healthcare needs of people at risk due to age, violent crime, chemical dependency, mental illness, HIV status, or socioeconomic status

Disqualifying criteria

Community Hospital doesn’t make grants to:

  • Capital projects or endowment funds
  • Clinical research projects
  • Individuals
  • Organizations that discriminate against employees or volunteers based on sex, gender identity, race, religion, national origin, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, marital status, citizenship, medical condition, veteran status, or genetic information

How to apply

Read our grantmaking guidelines for complete program information, how to apply, and what you will need to include with your proposal.

Grant outcome reporting

If your organization is awarded a grant of $10,000 or more, Community Hospital requires a brief outcome report that summarizes how the funds impacted the intended project or program beneficiaries. Information about the strategy for utilizing the grant, activities made possible by the funds, and outcome metrics demonstrating that impact are requested. For grants that meet this criteria, your organization will be provided with a link to the grant outcome reporting form upon approval of the grant. Grant outcome reporting form.

Learn more

Read our grantmaking guidelines for complete program information, including how to apply for a grant.