Fostering health awareness

In 2021, Montage Health devoted $3,300,235 and 341 volunteer hours to educating your community in the Monterey Peninsula about healthy lifestyle choices. Discover the opportunities for your family to learn about self-care, early detection, and disease management.

Wellness activities

Take advantage of:

  • Cancer counseling – Guidance and education for patients and families dealing with cancer
  • Classes – Group sessions and lectures on a wide variety of health-related topics
  • Health blog – Stories and practical advice you can use to improve your quality of life
  • Grants – Funding for local groups that promote health awareness and education
  • Pulse magazine – Free health and wellness information published twice a year
  • Scholarships – Funding from the Auxiliary for college students studying to become healthcare professionals
  • Wellness screenings – Tests that check certain health measures and can help you detect an illness early, especially if you don’t have a primary care provider

Get involved

Find out how you can get involved in the Montage Health community by joining a class or event, donating, or volunteering.