Automated External Defibrillator (AED) program

You could help save a life in your school, church, or workplace with an AED. Your organization can buy, borrow, or receive training to use these devices through the Tyler Heart Institute AED Program at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula.

What is an AED?

AEDs deliver an electrical shock to restart a heart that stops during cardiac arrest — a life-threatening medical emergency. About 80 percent of all cardiac arrests happen outside the hospital, and only 5 percent of victims survive because most don’t get help soon enough. Research shows that when AEDs are in more buildings and organizations, and community members are trained on how to respond, the survival rate improves.

Using and maintaining an AED

Whether your organization already has an AED or you’re ready to buy one, contact the Tyler Heart Institute’s AED and ask how your organization can enroll in the program. Count on us to:

  • Recommend or review AED placement, accessories, signage, and registration with Monterey County Emergency Medical Services Agency
  • Train your staff on how to use an AED
  • Help you comply with state health and safety codes
  • Offer oversight from our medical director
  • Provide a policy and procedure template for your organization to customize
  • Oversee ongoing maintenance, including sending you any recall notices and reminding you to check the AED regularly and replace batteries and pads

AED program cost

The initial program fee is $2,000 and includes an AED, supplies, cabinet or case and training. If your organization is a nonprofit, you can apply for a grant to help cover the cost.

If your organization already has an AED, the enrollment fee is:

  • $100 per AED for nonprofits, schools, government agencies, and churches
  • $200 per AED for all other organizations

After paying initial fee, your only additional cost will be to replace the AED batteries and pads before they expire.

Steps to participate

First, fill out an online form for one of these options:

After receiving your application, we’ll contact you to schedule an initial 30-minute site visit and to let you know the implementations steps.

Borrow an AED for your event

Before your next community event, ask us to borrow an AED at no cost. You’ll show attendees you care, and you could even save a life.

Occupational healthcare

In addition to keeping an AED at your business, you can help your employees stay healthy with worksite wellness services tailored to your organization.

Get or enroll an AED

Protect the people at your organization. Fill out a form to buy, enroll, or borrow an automated external defibrillator (AED), or apply for funding to purchase one.

Student’s heart restarted

See how a Marina High School teacher helped save a student using CPR and an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Watch video

Contact us

Call (831) 883-5665 to reach Deena Haynes, MS, assistant director of the Tyler Heart Institute, and learn more about defibrillator services for your organization.