Community Hospital patient and visitor resources

Count on our friendly staff and volunteers to make you feel welcome during your visit to Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula.

Billing and financial services

Pay your Community Hospital bill:

  • Online through your MyChart account
  • By phone with your credit card. Call (831) 625-4922 or (888) 625-4922 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday
  • By mail. Send check, money order, or your credit card information to Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, P.O. Box 39000, Dept 34028, San Francisco CA 94139-0001
  • In person. Visit our Patient Business Services office at 40 Ryan Court, Suite 100 in Monterey. We accept all major credit cards, cash, check, or money order

If you pay by check or money order, make it payable to Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. Please include your visit/account number on all payments and correspondence.

Customer support and payment options

If you have questions about your bill, want to set up a monthly payment plan, or need help to determine if you qualify for government assistance, call us:

  • Before you get care at (831) 625-4910
  • While you’re in the hospital at extension 4910
  • After you’ve left the hospital at (831) 625-4922

Learn more

Community Hospital belongs to the locally owned Montage Health nonprofit system. Get answers to other billing, insurance, and financial aid questions, including which insurance plans we accept, how to estimate the cost of your care, and more.

Classes and events calendar

Search our online calendar for upcoming events hosted at Community Hospital on a wide range of topics. View a map of the hospital’s classroom and conference rooms [PDF]. If you need help to find the location of your class, support group, or other event, visit the reception desk near the hospital’s main entrance.

Food and dining

Enjoy a variety delicious, nutritious options designed to suit all palates and taste preferences.

For patients

Your diet will be prescribed by your doctor. Read helpful information about how you can order meals or room service, when you can expect meals to be brought to your room, and how to request snacks. To support your best health and recovery, a registered dietitian is available to evaluate your nutrition needs, answer questions, and help you choose healthy options.

For hospital visitors

Discover on-campus visitor dining options at the Fountain Court Café.

Gift shop

Brighten a patient’s day when you send them a gift that our staff can deliver to their room.

Comforts Gift Shop

At the hospital, browse the wide selection of balloons, flowers and plants, stuffed animals, and more at Comforts Gift Shop, or make your purchase online. You can also purchase a gift by phone.

Give feedback about your visit

Many people — patients, family members, staff, volunteers, and visitors — have been positively touched by an experience at Community Hospital. To show your thanks or recognize a healthcare professional, share your good experience with us. Want to share a constructive comment or suggestion about your experience at Community Hospital? E-mail us at or fill out this form.

How to call a patient

View instructions and guidelines for calling a patient staying at Community Hospital.

Language assistance and interpreters

If you or someone else needs an interpreter, the hospital offers 24/7 interpretation services for deaf and non-English speaking people. Learn more about our language assistance services and policies, including:

  • How to request an interpreter or telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) phone
  • How to report a problem with our interpreter services
  • Your rights and our commitment to accessibility

Lost and found

If you lose something during your stay, tell your nurse right away. Your nurse will contact Security. If you have left the hospital when you discover you've lost an item, call Security at (831) 624-5311.

Medical records

Request or view your medical records. If you need more information or help accessing records of the care you received at Community Hospital, call (831) 625-4577 or email us.

Patient rights and responsibilities

Your well-being, health, and safety are our top priorities, and you have specific rights related to the care you receive at Montage Health. Read about your patient rights and responsibilities.

Phone policies

You can use your cell phone in all public areas of the hospital and in patient rooms. Please respect our commitment to providing a quiet, therapeutic environment.

Public phones in waiting areas are available for you to make local calls.

Read additional information for patients on how to use the phone in your hospital room to request services or make a phone call.

Safety and security

Community Hospital prioritizes the health and safety of our patients and visitors. Learn more about our safety and security services and procedures, including:

  • Handwashing guidelines to prevent the spread of infectious diseases
  • Security staff available 24/7. Tell your nurse if you need help or reach Security through the hospital operator by dialing “0” (zero)
  • Specific plans in case of a fire or earthquake
  • Steps you can take to keep yourself and others safe

Smoking policies

Community Hospital is a smoke-free environment. Patients are not allowed to smoke and visitors may only smoke in their cars. If you need help to quit, ask your nurse about our smoking cessation program.

Spiritual Care Services and meditation room

Get compassionate support and spiritual guidance while you or a loved one receive care at the hospital. Spiritual Care services are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., except on holidays. To request a chaplain, call (831) 622-2892 or ask your nurse. A chaplain is always on-call in case of an emergency.

If you need a quiet place for reflection, visit the mediation room on the main level of the hospital. The meditation room is located near the koi pond, near the Forest Pavilion patient wing of the hospital.

Visiting hours and policies

As the loved one of a patient, you play an important role in their healing journey. Trust our staff to offer assistance and support and make your the hospital a positive experience. Read our policies and resources for Community Hospital visitors, including department-specific visiting hours.

WiFi and entertainment options

Take advantage of:

  • Free internet access throughout the hospital and in patient rooms. If you need help accessing the internet, call Health Information Technology at extension 4559
  • In-room TVs and music
  • Magazines and newspapers available on request

Explore the amenities you can enjoy and what it’s like to get care at the hospital.

For patients: what to expect during your stay

Get all the information you need to prepare for your stay at Community Hospital, including:

  • What to bring with you to the hospital
  • What to expect during the hospital admission and registration process
  • Answers to your questions about food services, room amenities, and more
  • Patient support services from volunteers, social workers, patient financial advocates, and others
  • Safety and security policies
  • What to expect during hospital discharge (when it’s time for you to leave the hospital)
  • How to take care of yourself at home and how we provide support

Find a doctor at Community Hospital

Call 1-888-45CHOMP or search online for a doctor or specialist.

COVID-19 restrictions and policies

For your safety, we’ve adjusted our medical services, rules for visitors, and facility hours due to the coronavirus pandemic. See how these changes may affect your visit and learn more about our response.

Start a free eVisit

If you have mild respiratory or flu-like symptoms, consider using Montage Health’s fast, online virtual care option from the comfort of your home. It’s available 24/7.

Locations on campus

Many different departments, centers, and clinics are located at Community Hospital:

Montage Medical Group offices

Get directions and other helpful information if your Montage Medical Group doctor has an office near the hospital:

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