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Westland House

100 Barnet Segal Lane Monterey, CA 93940

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COVID-19 restrictions and policies

For your safety, we’ve adjusted our medical services, rules for visitors, and facility hours due to the coronavirus pandemic. See how these changes may affect your visit and learn more about our response.

Westland House

Choose a peaceful, homelike setting for short-term skilled nursing, rehabilitation, or end-of-life care. Nestled in a beautiful, wooded area, Westland House provides a place for patients to receive ongoing care and support while they:

  • Recover after leaving a hospital and prepare to safely go home, or
  • Live in as much comfort as possible during a terminal illness

You’ll stay in one of 28 private rooms in our facility, located near Highway 1 and Munras Avenue.

Five-star rating

Rest assured you’ll be in good hands throughout your time at Westland House. We earned five stars, the highest rating possible, from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This recognizes our:

  • High quality of care that helps patients measurably improve their abilities
  • Excellent performance on routine inspections
  • Staffing level, including availability of experienced registered nurses around the clock

Rehabilitation services

If you need rehabilitation, our physical, occupational, and speech therapists will work with your doctor to create a personalized care plan. Most likely, it will include physical therapy twice each weekday, with a lighter schedule on weekends. Westland House has a fully equipped rehabilitation gym.

An occupational therapist will work with you once each day on activities such as cooking, lifting items, and getting dressed. After surgery or a serious injury, you might need to relearn how to do them safely.

Hospice care

If your loved one receives hospice care at home from Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, they may stay at Westland House for a short time to:

  • Control pain and other symptoms with help from skilled nurses available 24 hours a day
  • Give family caregivers time to rest (respite care)

Healing environment

Each patient room features large windows and a private balcony or patio with a calming view of a pine forest. The rehabilitation gym overlooks a beautiful rose patio, and patients can see an orchid garden from the meditation room.

Amenities for patients and guests

As a friend or family member, you’re welcome to visit and take advantage of our family kitchen and children's playroom. You may also stay overnight in your loved one’s room.

Enjoy chatting or eating lunch together. Read a book from our library or choose a movie to watch in one of two large, comfortable sitting rooms.

Leaving Westland House

Most patients spend less than two weeks at Westland House. Your family will work with a discharge planner and medical social worker to help make the transition home as smooth as possible. Ask these professionals for help getting adaptive equipment, assistive devices, or in-home care services, as needed.

If you or your loved one needs long-term care, talk to us about planning a transition to a care facility of your choice.

Insurance coverage

Westland House accepts:

  • Private insurance plans (such as those provided by an employer)
  • Medicare, including Aspire Health Plan (Medicare Advantage)
  • Medi-Cal (hospice benefit)

Learn about financial aid and assistance services available to patients who qualify.