Published on March 16, 2021

Monterey County, Local Hospitals Honor Frontline Healthcare Workers

Community Invited to Share Thank Yous, Thoughts about Their #COVIDHeroes

This week, Monterey County will mark the one year anniversary of its Shelter in Place Order and its battle against COVID-19. It is a somber milestone; a chance to reflect but also look ahead to the future.

In a year that has been like no other in recent memory, there have been bright spots. Among them, the outpouring of support for the extraordinary work done by frontline healthcare workers at our local hospitals, who became the first line of defense as the world raced to understand Coronavirus.

“This has been a challenging and tragic year for all of us. What stands out in my mind is the dedication and determination our team has shown day in and day out. The collaboration we formed with our partner hospitals and the county is unlike anything I have ever seen in healthcare. Our entire organization is grateful for the generous support and appreciation we've felt from the community. I don't think we can thank our staff enough for the time, talent and sacrifices they've given during this crisis. As we mark this momentous anniversary, there's no better time to express our gratitude for their selfless service.”
-Pete Delgado, President/CEO Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System

“I am so proud to honor and acknowledge our stellar employees and the community that supports us. As the area's only rural hospital, the pandemic brought us a unique set of challenges, but what has been most uplifting and inspiring this past year has been the gift of support. We value the overwhelming response of employees going above and beyond to keep the community safe, and the outpouring of love and appreciation from the community, top leaders and officials.
We are filled with gratitude and are more committed than ever to provide the best of care to the community we love and serve.”
-Rena Salamacha, CEO Mee Memorial Hospital

“Healthcare providers like Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula faced an ever-changing landscape, as experts were learning about COVID-19 in real-time. Our staff has been tested in ways they have never previously been tested and have responded to the challenge with dedication, empathy, and courage. Our frontline providers and other staff have been nimble with constant changes in guidance on protective gear, best ways to treat symptoms and reduce the severity of illness for patients, and to provide compassion and bedside emotional care when patients were not able to have their loved ones physically close by. All members of our team placed the needs of our patients and our community above their own personal safety.”
-Dr. Steven Packer, President/CEO Montage Health (Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula)

“I suspect that it will be months or years until the Natividad family will be able to get our collective heads around what our frontline staff have been through over the past months. The deaths, the suffering, the dislocated families and the disruption of home lives. None of our nurses, doctors, and staff have been through anything like this before. And yet, through the terror and the doubts of the COVID-19 pandemic there were some constants: professionalism, sacrifice, mutual support, backbone, integrity and, dare I say it, love. If I work at Natividad for some time, I could never be more proud of my Natividad sisters and brothers than I am today in March of 2021.”
-Dr. Craig Walls, chief Medical Officer Natividad

Join the County and our local hospitals in honoring these incredible people. Take a moment today to acknowledge, honor and thank frontline healthcare workers. Share your thoughts and thank yous with the hashtag #COVIDHeroes on your social media or share your comments at:

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