Published on October 03, 2022

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula announces the opening of newly renovated Outpatient Surgery Center

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Monterey, Calif. — Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula is opening a newly renovated Outpatient Surgery Center to better serve patients after investing $12 million in improvements. The Outpatient Surgery Center, originally built in the 1980s, was in need of expanded space to better treat patients and new technology, meet current codes, and improve the patient and staff experience. The new facility, located within Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula in Monterey, is scheduled to open on October 4. The new spacious 14,300 square-foot environment, which accommodates a more streamlined patient experience, from check-in to discharge, has been renovated to provide a beautiful and calming environment conducive to healing and wellbeing.

The new Outpatient Surgery Center will house 12 private patient prep and recovery rooms, three large operating rooms, two procedure rooms, and a dedicated eye procedure suite, in addition to administrative and storage areas, and is slightly larger than the old space. As part of the upgrade, special attention was given to improve the patient experience including new check-in and waiting areas and improved infection prevention measures and technology.

The impetus for the timing of the renovation was due to a generous donation by local philanthropist Marv Silverman to Montage Health Foundation. Silverman, who is currently retired and living in Carmel, had worn glasses since he was a young child. From that time, he has always been inspired to champion the visually impaired with philanthropy towards eye health. His donation to Montage Health Foundation funded a state-of-the-art eye procedure suite that is part of the new Outpatient Surgery Center. The new ocular suite, a beautiful, well-lit space with a glass focal wall, new eye-exam chairs, and advanced equipment and technology for the new eye-procedure room, will accommodate the more-than 800 eye procedures administered at Community Hospital each year. This generous gift was a catalyst for renovating the entire Outpatient Surgery Center. 

The Outpatient Surgery Center will support a wide range of operations and procedures including, but not limited to appendix and gallbladder removals, ear, nose, and throat procedures, gynecological procedures such as laparoscopic-assisted hysterectomies, hernia repairs, eye procedures, minimally invasive orthopedic procedures, and plastic surgeries. 

“The newly improved Outpatient Surgery Center will allow us to better serve our patients in a comfortable, serene setting, with the best of care from our talented staff and doctors,” said Sarah Collins, Director, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula Outpatient Surgery Center. “I’m so thankful to our donors, staff, and doctors who all made this project a success for the benefit of our patients who were always at the forefront of our minds as we designed the new center.” 

During the renovation, Outpatient Surgery Center patients were seen in Community Hospital’s Main Operating Room. The renovation was overseen by Montage Health’s Facilities Planning staff, Montage Health leadership, Outpatient Surgery Center staff, in partnership with South Bay Construction and Dreyfus + Blackford as the architect.  

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