Call a patient at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula

You can call a patient at any time if they're getting care in most nursing units.

How to call a patient

Most patient rooms at Community Hospital have a phone. Some areas of the hospital, such as the intensive care unit (ICU), require all calls to go through the nursing station because the patient rooms do not have phones.

If you're outside the hospital, you can't dial these phones directly. To contact a patient, call the hospital switchboard and ask for the patient you want to speak to by name. You’ll also need to provide the unique personal identification number (PIN) the patient received upon admission.

We'll connect you to their room phone unless the patient has told us not to, or they're in a certain nursing unit for specialized care.

Can I call a patient’s cell phone?

Yes. Cell phone use is allowed in all public areas of the hospital and in patient rooms.

Other hospital policies and resources

Find helpful information if you're a patient or visitor about cell phone policies and how to use the phone in a hospital room.

Updating loved ones

Consider designating one person in your family to inform the rest of your loved ones about a patient’s status. Our staff cannot screen calls or provide information about a patient's condition over the phone in most cases.

Call a patient

To reach a Community Hospital patient, call the hospital switchboard at (831) 624-5311.