Care coordination services

Whether or not you’re a Montage Health patient, you can rely on Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula’s social workers for help to find and access resources for yourself or your family.

Confidential support

Reach out to our Care Coordination Services department if you or a loved one are going through a stressful experience, life transition, or health challenge. You may benefit from:

  • Assessment of your current medical, financial, housing, and social needs
  • Identification of your current resources and strengths
  • Short-term counseling and compassionate emotional support for you and your loved ones
  • Problem-solving strategies
  • Information about services from Montage Health and other local organizations that may be helpful

Continuing care and discharge planning

Continuing care services are available to anyone in the area. But if you’re currently getting treatment at Community Hospital, planning ahead can help you reach your best health outcome. It may also prepare you to leave the hospital sooner, so you can recover in the comfort of home.

When you take part in our continuing care program, you’ll talk to a discharge planner about:

  • What will happen when you’re discharged from (leave) the hospital. Will you transition home or to another healthcare facility, such as Westland House?
  • What continued or additional services, such as home care visits, transportation assistance, or community resources, may be helpful to you and your loved ones

To learn more about available local resources, download our Continuing Care guide [PDF].

Ask for assistance

Call Care Coordination Services at (831) 622-2722 or, if you’re getting care at Community Hospital, tell your doctor or nurse you’d like a social worker or discharge planner to visit you.

Patient financial advocacy

Are you a Montage Health patient who is concerned about covering the cost of the healthcare you need? Look to our knowledgeable patient advocates for help, including financial assistance recommendations.

You can also request a free booklet about Medicare from our Care Coordination Services department.

Talk to a social worker

To request help from a social worker:

  • Call our Care Coordination team at (831) 622-2722
  • Ask your nurse to assist you if you’re getting care at Community Hospital 

Recovering alone at home?

Sign up for Telecare and look forward to a free, daily check-in call to make sure you’re staying safe.