COVID-19 Testing

Community Hospital tests people who have COVID-19 symptoms. We do not test for COVID-19 for walk-in community members with no symptoms.

Where can I get a COVID-19 test?

Free COVID-19 tests are available at testing site locations on the Monterey Peninsula. Visit Monterey County Vaccines for a complete list of COVID-19 testing locations near you.

Monterey County Department of Health offers additional COVID-19 resources and testing locations. Some clinics and pharmacies also offer testing. Call 1 (888) 634-1123 to make an appointment, or register online.

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Common questions about COVID-19 testing

Does it matter what type of test I get?

Yes — the right test for each person’s situation really does matter. Here are the different types of tests:

  • PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests are highly reliable for people with or without symptoms. They show an active infection or recent past infection. If you do not have symptoms and want to be tested for travel, work, or some other reason, you should get a PCR test. (There are now also nucleic acid amplification tests, which are similar to PCR tests.) PCR tests are available for free at county testing sites. They are also available for a fee at Doctors on Duty, and through commercial labs such as Quest or ArcPoint.
  • Antigen or rapid antigen tests should be used only if the patient has symptoms. The results are not reliable for people without symptoms, so antigen tests should not be performed on people without symptoms or for reasons such as travel or returning to work.
  • Antibody tests indicate whether someone may have had an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. It does not diagnose a current infection.

How quickly will I get results?

Timing on results varies; ask the provider you are using. Currently, tests processed by Community Hospital can take 4-24 hours for results to be available. If you are a Montage Health patient, signing up for MyChart, Montage Health’s online medical record, may help you receive test results faster, especially if your result is negative.

If I tested positive, should I have a second test later to show that I no longer have COVID-19?

No. According to the CDC and Monterey County Health Department, you must quarantine for 10 days after the positive test result. A second test is not helpful as those who have tested positive can still test positive for COVID-19 for months after the positive result. After the 10 days, it is thought that you are no longer contagious to others if no symptoms are present.

What if I need a test to return to work or school or to travel?

Testing and repeat testing is not recommended to “clear” people to return to work after having COVID-19 or a COVID-like illness. Current recommendations are for people to be cleared to return to work based on CDC guidelines and improvement of symptoms without the need for a repeat test. Community Hospital receives many calls and visits from people who have been told they need to get a second test to return to work. Again, it’s not recommended and Community Hospital does not test people who do not have symptoms unless they are inpatients or having certain procedures.

Get a COVID-19 test

Free COVID-19 tests are available at testing site locations on the Monterey Peninsula.

Visit Monterey County Vaccines for a complete list of COVID-19 testing locations near you.

Call 1 (888) 634-1123 to make an appointment or click the link below.

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Get a vaccine

Visit Monterey County Vaccines for a list of COVID-19 vaccine clinics on the Monterey Peninsula.

Make an appointment near you at California Department of Public Health's COVID-19 vaccine scheduling website.

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Vaccine questions?

For vaccine-related questions, see our FAQ below, or email us.

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