DAISY award honorees and nominees

Congratulations to our DAISY award honorees and nominees for providing the best possible care for our patients and community, and for making a difference in your patients' lives. We are proud to recognize you.

August DAISY award honorees

  • DJ Guyton, August Daisy Award winner

    DJ Guyton, RN 
    Garden West

  • Tong Higgins, August Daisy award winner

    Tong Higgins, RN 
    Main Pavilion

DJ Guyton, RN, honoree

Patient nomination:

"I am a nurse who works on the COVID unit and got sick with COVID myself in December. During my stay I got really sick and  required a stay in ICU. Even though I am familiar with COVID and the process of it, going through it myself was one of the scariest experiences of my life. I was blessed to have DJ as my nurse. She held my hand through the scary parts, calmed my fears, talked to my mom when I physically couldn’t, stayed by my side, and made it bearable. I truly believed she saved my life that day. She was by my side up to the point where I was transferred to the ICU. When I returned to Garden West she was my nurse again and once again such a blessing. Thank you DJ for taking such great care of me in my time of need."

Tong Higgins, RN, honoree

Patient nomination:

"I nominate nurse Tong. She helped me during my stay at main pavilion. Besides being patient, she is caring and compassionate in all that she does. She made me comfortable. I am very thankful for nurses like Miss Tong because they show kindness, patience, compassion, and choose to travel on the road that has heart! She even took her break-time to see me off when I was transferred to another wing of the hospital and to wish me well. I thank her and all the wonderful nurses and nurse assistants who care for patient with soft hands and warm hearts.

From the patient’s sisters: Ms. Tong was able to give gentle, competent compassionate care to my brother. I could tell that Ms. Tong was a special nurse who went above and beyond the normal expectation of care providers. In dealing with my brother, she was always patient, cheerful, professional, and yet kind and warm. I could tell that my brother’s spirit was lifted when she entered his room. Ms. Tong always returned my call when I asked for updates. Due to my brother’s medical conditions he required constant attention, Ms. Tong always came in with a smile."

August DAISY award nominees

  • Aaron Kellington, ICU

  • Amy Furman, Terrace West

  • Amy Landry, Terrace East

  • Celeste Fry, OPSC

  • Claudia Long, Terrace West

  • Danielle Gerrity, FBC

  • Diane Johns, ICU

  • Dillon Hoffman, ICU

  • Elaina Hernandez, CDU

  • Fortunate Canepa, Terrace East

  • Jennifer Kahl, Main West

  • Jillian Castor, Terrace West

  • Judy Sumitt, Garden West

  • Karen Gagnon, ICU

  • Lauren Carver, Main East

  • Marie McCarty, Main Pavilion

  • Miguel Marquez, Garden West

  • Nalani Faber, Garden West

  • Patti Pollard, ICU

  • Peter Anitoni, Main East

  • Sherlene Rodriguez, Garden East

  • Tara Gardner, Emergency

  • Tonya Mahone, Terrace West

  • Tori Clark, ICU

  • Tyler Wood, CDU