Health Information Exchange

Patients at Montage Health are automatically enrolled in a health information exchange (HIE) to help patients and care providers share health information electronically. HIEs make patient health data available to doctors no matter where a patient receives care.

HIEs improve the quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness of healthcare. Montage Health participates in two health information exchanges:

  • Epic’s Care Everywhere, which allows providers to request patient data from other treatment centers that participate with Care Everywhere’s interoperability for electronic medical record keeping.
  • Central Coast Health Connect, which connects different hospital systems, medical practices, and health care organizations in Monterey County.

Doctors and health care personnel are permitted to use and share your health information through HIEs for HIPAA-permitted purposes only. This means that your electronic health information is made accessible to doctors and health care personnel who are providing you with medical treatment and care coordination.

How does information exchange work?

Traditionally, you or a physician's office would request your patient record using telephone, facsimile, or mail, then wait for the request to be processed and the records sent. With HIEs, records are shared electronically and immediately.

Note: An HIE pulls health information from various Electronic Medical Record systems that manage digital versions of a traditional paper-based medical record, making them available on a secure portal. This enables providers and ourselves the flexibility to access and share health information securely when and where it is needed. HIEs can bring together information from multiple sources so everyone who is caring for you is on the same page.

What information is exchanged?

Patient health information includes most of the information in your electronic health records, such as your medical history, allergies, medications, and lab results.

Information that is not shared or available through HIEs, or which would require a signed patient authorization for release of information, includes behavioral health and substance abuse treatment services.

Can I opt out of information exchange?

Yes. Opting out prevents your personal health information from being shared, with two exceptions:

  1. The opt out does not apply when the disclosure is made to public health authorities and the purpose of the disclosure is permitted by either HIPAA or applicable California law.
  2. Your information may also be disclosed to facilitate emergency medical treatment.

HIE patient opt-out form