Central Coast Health Connect

Central Coast Health Connect (CCHC) is an online Health Information Exchange (HIE). It provides a centralized place for you to access your medical information if you get care from Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula or other area hospitals and providers.

What’s CCHC?

CCHC is a secure, convenient way to help patients like you and your healthcare team access your medical information. You benefit from higher-quality, coordinated care because all of your providers stay up-to-date on your health needs, no matter which local organization you visit for care.

Visit the CCHC website to learn more.

Partner organizations

Use CCHC to view health information collected from:

  • Community Hospital, Montage Health’s hospital
  • Natividad Medical Center
  • Salinas Valley Memorial Health System

What can I use CCHC for?

Log into your CCHC account to:

  • View your personal health record
  • View test results
  • View discharge instructions (directions on how to care for yourself and recover at home) if you recently had an emergency department visit

Access your CCHC account

Visit the Central Coast Health Connect website to log into your existing account or register today.

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Need help or forgot your password?

If you have a patient portal question, contact the help team for the portal you use: