The Lucas Fund for Physician Excellence

Montage Heath Foundation receives $5 million gift to fund The Lucas Fund for Physician Excellence

Local philanthropist, Sally Lucas, has donated $5 million to support Montage Health Foundation’s Physician Engagement program, supporting the recruitment and retention of the best and brightest physicians to care for our community. To honor her generosity, Montage Health Foundation has renamed the program The Lucas Fund for Physician Excellence and intends to continue expanding its initiatives and impact in the years ahead.

The Lucas Fund for Physician Excellence helps support doctors affiliated with Montage Health through numerous programs:

  • Scholarships for continuing medical education and research
  • Grants for clinical volunteer work to support underserved populations
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Well-being resources, including free counseling services and special COVID-19 support
  • Social events that help build a sense of community and camaraderie among staff
  • Home loan program

Like many communities across the country, Monterey County is faced with a shortage of doctors, coupled with obstacles to recruitment, including the cost of housing, high cost of living, and limited social opportunities for younger professionals. “Recruiting and retaining the best doctors is critical to support the health and vitality of our community.” said Kevin Causey, vice president and chief development officer, Montage Health Foundation. “We are so grateful to Sally for this generous gift and investment in community health.”

From Sally Lucas

“My husband Don and I felt blessed to have Community Hospital and their doctors available to us. My desire is to make sure this continues in the future, and I hope this donation helps encourage brilliant doctors to come, live, and practice in this very special community.”

About Sally and Don Lucas

Sally Lucas and her late husband Don Lucas always held a commitment to investing in community through philanthropy. In addition to being generous donors to Community Hospital for many years, Don was also a member of the Montage Health Foundation advisory committee from 2011 – 2016, and a founding Montage Health Foundation board member in 2017 before his passing on October 30, 2017. In establishing The Lucas Fund for Physician Excellence, Sally hopes to recognize the Montage Health doctors involved in their care, and support future generations of talented physicians.