Volunteer opportunities for adults and collegiates

Choose from a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for people age 18 and older at Montage Health and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. In addition to making an impact in your community, you’ll meet and connect with compassionate, like-minded people.

Time commitment

Plan to volunteer at least twice per month. Your specific volunteer schedule depends on the role you pursue.

Opportunities for adults

Share your expertise or build new skills in a volunteer position that matches your interests and availability.

Breast care center (for women only)

As a volunteer at Carol Hatton Breast Care Center, you’ll serve as an ambassador, help patients disrobe, confirm appointments, file documents, and stock shelves.

Requirements: This position is open to women volunteers only. Walking and light lifting is required.

Emergency department

Emergency department volunteers serve as liaisons between doctors, triage nurses, and people who need treatment and their families. You’ll also assist with non-medical functions and paperwork.

Requirements: Walking, bending, standing, and pushing wheelchairs.

Family Birth Care Center

Family Birth Care Center volunteers:

  • Answer phone calls from patient rooms
  • Assist nurses with faxing paperwork
  • Bring water and ice to patient rooms
  • Help keep the nursery clean
  • Help parents enter the nursery
  • Take lab samples to the laboratory

Requirements: Sitting, walking, bending, standing, and pushing wheelchairs.

Fountain Court Café

Fountain Court Café volunteers serve families and friends of patients, hospital visitors, and hospital staff by:

  • Greeting patients and visitors
  • Serving food
  • Clearing dishes and cleaning tables
  • Stocking shelves

Requirements for this position include walking, standing, and bending.

Gift shop

Volunteer at Comforts Gift Shop selling items for patients, staff, and guests.

Requirements: You do not need previous sales experience. You’ll learn how to use a cash register, process debit and credit card payments, and other tasks. This position requires standing for long periods, bending, and light lifting.


Provide administrative assistance, including:

  • Performing general office and clerical tasks
  • Copying documents
  • Distributing mail
  • Ordering supplies
  • Preparing correspondence and service schedules
  • Responding to telephone inquiries

You’ll receive Volgistics training. Volgistics is our volunteer system for records, reports, and schedules.

Requirements: Computer experience in word processing and other tasks, knowledge of office equipment, sitting, bending, stooping, and walking.

Outpatient surgery center

Serve as a liaison between patients, their families and friends, and the nursing and medical staff at the Outpatient Surgery Center.

Requirements: Walking and pushing wheelchairs.

Visitor services

After receiving training, visitor services volunteers:

  • Answer questions, and give directions to rooms and departments
  • Greet patients and visitors
  • Help transport patients
  • Accept and deliver flowers and cards to patients
  • Perform other duties as needed

Requirements: Escorting patients, standing, and pushing wheelchairs.

Patient companions

Support rehabilitation program nursing staff by providing patient companionship and encouraging their independence. You may help patients eat or walk, push them in a wheelchair to visit the fishpond, or play games.

Requirements: Walking, sitting, standing, and pushing wheelchairs.

Surgery at South Pavilion

Volunteer at Community Hospital’s South Pavilion, where patients receive care in the Short Stay Unit (SSU), Main Operating Room (OR), and Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). You’ll supervise the surgery waiting room and serve as a liaison between doctors and nurses and friends and family members of patients.

Requirements: Walking, computer work, and sitting.

Telecare (patient check-in calls)

Telecare volunteers call individuals who are elderly, have disabilities, or other conditions, to check on their well-being.

Requirements: Sitting and using a telephone for the entire shift.

Volunteer your time

Apply online to become a volunteer. After you apply, we’ll contact you to set up a one-on-one meeting. For more information, contact the Volunteer Services office at (831) 625-4555.

Apply online

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