Published on April 28, 2022

Good Catch Program prevents errors and saves lives

Doctor and nurse high five

Montage Health and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula work to provide safe, high-quality care through robust quality and safety initiatives, like The Good Catch Program, which rewards employees who report how they helped prevent a medical error, improve hospital procedures, or keep patients safe. Nurses, technicians, respiratory therapists, and other professionals have earned a spotlight for identifying patients in need and helping them get timely, lifesaving care.

Our Good Catch Program has been particularly well-received because it really celebrates the critical thinking of employees and encourages them to be proactive...The program has been a great success. Every year we have seen an increase in the number of good catches reported. And what makes this program so positive is that the opportunities for improvement are really limitless.

Steven Packer, President/CEO, Montage Health

This year marks the 5th Anniversary of the Good Catch Program, a program that has truly made a difference in how we work as a hospital, and in the quality patient care we provide every day. Watch the short video below to meet some of the men and women who have been rewarded for their good catches and hear their stories.

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