Published on August 08, 2022

What you should know about Monkeypox

What you should know about Monkeypox

Monkeypox has quickly spread around the globe, leaving many with questions and concerns about the illness and how it is affecting Monterey County. While monkeypox is not yet widespread in Monterey County it is important to understand the illness in order to protect ourselves and our community. According to KSBW, Health officials say monkeypox isn't widespread yet here on the Central Coast, however, there have been three confirmed in Monterey County, five confirmed in Santa Cruz County and 39 in Santa Clara County.

Many are wondering, where are the vaccines? The Monterey Herald reported on Monterey County's allocation. Vaccines are significantly limited and community members should consult with their doctors if they feel they are at high risk for contracting moneypox.

Dr. Martha Blum, director of infection prevention at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, says the virus isn’t comparable to COVID-19 as it takes weeks to develop and is less contagious.

The symptoms start with a flu-like illness, so that’s not very specific, but people will feel feverish and achy. But what is very specific about monkeypox is the rash that often develops after those flu-like symptoms.

— Dr. Martha Blum, director of infection prevention at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula

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Dr. Blum

Martha Lewis Blum, MD, PhD, is board certified in infectious diseases and internal medicine. She received her medical degree from Cornell University Medical College in 2002 and completed her residency and fellowship in infectious diseases at University of California Los Angeles Medical Center... Read more.

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