Published on March 30, 2022

Physical Therapy at Montage Wellness Center

Physical Therapy at Montage Wellness Center

The Physical Therapy department at Montage Wellness Center in Marina will celebrate its 11th year this May.

The physical therapy department serves an integral role at our facility.

—Christopher Range, general manager, Montage Wellness Center

Many of our members start their fitness journey at one of our Physical Therapy departments in Marina, Salinas or Hartnell Professional Center in Monterey, and join as long-time members after graduating that program. It is an important part of the health care continuum and leads to improved outcomes and increased quality of life. The physical therapists are top-class professionals in understanding this holistic approach, and provide an excellent rehabilitation bridge to overall health.

The Physical Therapy departments at Montage Wellness Centers are physician referred out-patient facilities that also provide aquatic therapy. “Many patients that are unable to perform exercises or everyday activities on land benefit greatly from the therapeutic environment of the pool, and this allows them to progress to improve their function on dry land” said Stephanie Layhe, Director of Rehab Services. The Wellness Center and Rehabilitation Services maintain a collaborative environment to better serve customers post-therapy needs.

Physician referrals for Physical Therapy at any of the outpatient locations can be faxed to (831)883-5641.

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