Published on April 13, 2022

Meet Comforts gift shop volunteer Bonnie Thornley

Auxiliary volunteer Bonnie Thornely

Montage Health Foundation Auxiliary member Bonnie Thornley understands that volunteering for Community Hospital benefits more than patients. During decades of volunteering, marked by her 20,000-hour service pin, her contributions also have had an impact on visitors, staff, and other volunteers. During her 22 years of volunteering at Comforts, the hospital gift shop, she has served as chairperson, trainer, and staffer. She also has served on the Auxiliary leadership nominating committee twice, most recently as chairperson.

Thornley also has sewn Christmas stockings for newborns during the holiday season and has prepared newborn kits for infants and new parents. And, she has participated in Cancer Survivor Days celebrations. Volunteering, for Thornley, is less about what she is doing or where, and more about the benefit to others.

I hope, as a volunteer at Community Hospital, by showing patience, caring, and kindness, I will have an impact, in a good way, on the lives of others.

—Bonnie Thornley, Auxiliary volunteer, Community Hospital

Thornley appreciates that the hospital recognizes volunteer contributions through service pins, photos, luncheons, and gifts. She also enjoys learning, through Montage Health, about various community projects and how to help, through participation and donation.

“I urge friends and other potentially interested people to volunteer,” she says, “and find out just how rewarding and fulfilling it is, especially during retirement, which gives us a new opportunity to make special friends. Several retired Community Hospital employees have chosen to become Auxiliary members, which speaks to their dedication and support.”

Interested in becoming a volunteer with Montage Health Foundation? Learn about our volunteer opportunities.

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