Published on April 13, 2022

Meet volunteer chaplain Rabbi Bruce Greenbaum

Auxiliary volunteer Rabbi Bruce Greenbaum

Becoming a patient during a medical crisis can generate a spiritual crisis as well, creating the desire to seek the wisdom and comfort of a chaplain. Once a week, Montage Health Foundation volunteer chaplain Rabbi Bruce Greenbaum checks in with patients who request or warrant the comfort of a conversation, a blessing, or prayer.

“I enjoy giving patients a chance to talk about their spiritual or emotional needs, says Rabbi Greenbaum, “and assisting them with whatever issues they want to address, while others are focusing on their physical needs.”

Sometimes their conversations last just 5 to 10 minutes. Other times, the visit lasts longer, depending on patient needs and expectations.

Often, I am a welcomed distraction during a stressful time. Many people are fascinated to meet with a rabbi and have the chance to ask me questions, and I appreciate that I am able to support people at a time when they are most in need of assistance.

—Rabbi Bruce Greenbaum, volunteer chaplain, Community Hospital

Over the years, Rabbi Greenbaum has met with hundreds of people who otherwise might have no contact with a rabbi or anyone else from the Jewish community. During his visits at Community Hospital, he has answered questions about religion, Middle East politics, and the local synagogue in Carmel, helping people expand their comfort with others outside their own church groups.

Rabbi Greenbaum invites others to investigate opportunities to volunteer, not only for what we can provide to patients but also to discover how volunteering helps us feel better about ourselves.

Interested in becoming a volunteer with Montage Health Foundation? Learn about our volunteer opportunities.

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